Saturday, April 20, 2019

MASK Bureau 2

This branch of MASK is charged with law enforcement and agents are expected to be of the highest ethical and moral standards.

Bureau 2

Working with the FBI, state and local law enforcement this is really the most public face of MASK.
Meta-humans assigned here are under strict ethics and reporting guidelines.
The standard meta-human agent has: 
Advantages: Code of Honor (Police) [-1 or -10]; Legal Enforcement Powers [10]; Police Rank 2 [10].
Disadvantages: Duty (-15) [-15].
Skills: Area Knowledge (City) IQ/E; Criminology IQ/A; Law IQ/H; Leadership IQ/A; Professional Skill (Law Enforcement) IQ/A; Writing IQ/A
Those who have a high profile often have Status 2 as well.
They can typically draw upon the following equipment while on duty.

City Staff

The typical team for a major city includes 3-5 meta's and a small complement of support staff.
Duties include full support of local law enforcement and emergency services, including functioning as police and first responder's.
Teams are assigned based on local needs with a goal of diversity in capabilities. Ideally they include a strong man for recovery efforts, speedster or movement specialist for pursuits, and a tactician who can think quickly on their feet. The meta team is in the federal chain of command but respond to the local chain of command where no conflict occurs.

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