Wednesday, March 4, 2020

An Open Letter to Joe Biden

You had a good night, owing to your expected win in South Carolina after getting the Clyburn endorsement and President Obama and the party leadership telling Amy Klobachar, Pete Buttigeg, and Beto O'Roarke to toe the line and endorse you to consolidate the right wing of the party against the left wing of it.
It will be a week or two before we know the full results, but that helped you get back in the contest.
Your case is your more electable and you say you can unite the party. Its up to you to convince the voters of both these things. Here are my questions, and though I am just one voter I hope your staff points this letter out to you for consideration because these things will come up.

Unifying Rather Than Dividing the Party

Clinton and the DNC divided the party in 2016 by cheating on Sanders and this in effect was telling every Sanders supporter to, as your wife put it 'I know you dont like the policies but you need to just swallow it and vote party line' (paraphrasing as the swallow is all I recall for certain.). Clinton is to this day still whining and trying to say her oss was all Sanders fault, as if Comey, the media harping on forever about her emails, Russia, and her bad decisions such as telling many in the party they had to vote for her even when she ignored them (like Wisconsin) or told them their votes were not important (Sanders supporters). She lost that election due to her actions and choices. Will you do the same?
If you dont not win 51% of the delegates and get the nomination through a contested or brokered convention, there is no doubt Sanders will support you, just as he did Clinton because hes more loyal than most of you. Remember Clinton did less for President Obama - remember her phrase PUMA?
The thing is that Sanders is not in control of his voters, this is America after all and politicians should earn our votes, some will support the nominee no matter who but when you yourself refused to commit to that you cant reasonably demand his voters to toe the line. And not all his supporters are even Democrats, he won Independents and even Republicans too. You need a message that appeals to the voters and to give us reason to trust you.
The DNC is right wing and at war against the Left, preferring to support people who vote Republican most of the time over progressive candidates. If the Dems want to be Right over Left, why not just vote Republican? What, and can you be specific about how you will unite the party rather than continuing the policy of demanding voters just do what the party tells them to.
Clinton's attitude more than anything else lost 2016, how will you be different? Especially if you win not by voters but by the decision of party insiders?

What Do You Offer as Reason to Support You?

Other than supporting Obama Care which the Republicans have largely dismantled and will again if you reinstate it how will you improve the situation with health care?
What will you do, if anything about the issues voters care about?
We all know Sanders is unlikely to get everything he wants, but we trust him to at least fight for it and us. You have been recorded as telling your donors not to worry, nothing will fundamentally change. That led us to Trump in the first place.
Voters have disagreed with you at town halls and you tell them to vote for someone else, including telling them to vote for Trump. You do not appear to be trying to address or care about their concerns.

How Can You Beat Trump?

The Republican party have given permission and support to weaponize the federal government against their political opponents. 
  • He will use the DOJ and the IRS against you and Hunter, are you prepared for that?
  • He will go on and on about your history as a DC insider and the money you and your family have made, Ukraine, China, the stuff in Delaware,etc Does not matter what he is doing is far worse he will do it anyway and his voters will cheer, even as they are ripped off.
  • Despite being the stupidest person ever to hold the office he will make fun of your Gaffs and slurred sentences.
  • He will bring up your comments about cutting Social Security, despite him trying the same thing.
  • He will hit you with the Iraq war and the Crime Bill.  He will hit you with stuff most of us dont even know about yet, and he will lie and twist things so they appear even worse than they were.
  • In 2016 he had a lot less money and was less organized, his attacks on Clinton will pale to what he will do to you. Are you really ready and up to it?  Can you convince us that you are? Against Sanders all he really has is calling him a socialist, which of course he will call you anyhow. The difference is Sanders will embrace it so the attack fails among his supporters but you will deny it and likely just look weak to the conservatives and independents, while reminding the progressives they could have had someone with policies they believe in and wanted.
  • Trump is a liar, a cheat and will play dirty, worse with the Federal government supporting him this will be the toughest and nastiest fight of your political career. Can you really handle that? Please convince us.

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