Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ceteri Team Recap - Stop the cultists!

When we last left our intrepid band of hunters they were outside a church run by cultists engaged in a summoning ritual.
GMs Recap

As they approach they see an otherworldly light coming from the windows and as they get close Alice senses that they are summoning a Nameless one. Henry asks what the plan should be and impatiently waits for a response (ok, barely waits) then declares lets go through a broken window since the door is more likely guarded. Hes anxious with several known hostages inside and the ritual already started that any delay may cost lives. He and Dillon head to a an empty window casement to the left of the entrance, while Amos and Lorenzo head for the door.
The door is unlocked and Lorenzo runs into a guard and shield bashes him before more rush him.  Dillon jumps into the window with Henry right behind him. Meanwhile Alice sets up a barrier around the church to contain things.
Dillon rushes the nearest cultist, and caves his skull in with his fist. Henry has one rush and try to punch him, which he dodges.
Lorenzo pushes in further and is surrounded by wave after wave of cultists which he slowly takes out, while deflecting their attacks and Amos uses his sling to back him up.
Dillon also gets swamped, Henry tries to back him up but is much less effective, especially since he tries to avoid killing them and targets legs instead of the head shots he normally favors (Targeted Attack/Gun/Face) but a few peel off Dillon to attack him so he does contribute.
While Lorenzo is impressive, Dillon takes out about as many cultists, even severing the leg of one at Lorenzo's back with a shuriken. Dillon also tried to avoid killing early but as he gets surrounded pulls out his knives.  Also where Lorenzo deftly avoided most blows Dillon used Judo and Aggressive parries to help pile up his body count and just toughed out the hits he took, including a knife to the groin. Henry start off with Brawling but pulled his gun early as Brawling wasn't cutting it under these circumstances.  Amos is scary good with that staff sling of his, crippled a few, mostly going for leg shots.

As we clear out the cultists and move towards the chanting Lorenzo is the first to see the cult leader and tosses his spear at him. However its bounced back by a powerful warding spell. Henry runs up to start releasing the tied up cultists who were to be sacrificed, trusting the Wizard to deal with the cult leader. Amos (Wizard) apparently casts a spell that prevents the summoning then tosses a sling stone near the cult leader that magically stuns him, thus taking down the ward and Lorenzo runs to grab the last hostage, turns out (duh) its the girl we came from.

After that its just clean up. Alice calls in the Conclave to take care of things and we all head home.


This was our first physical confrontation and the group just naturally worked out well together. The two ranged specialists backing up the two melee specialists, who cleared most of the foes and Amos taking out the big bad at the end was almost anticlimactic. Trouble with magic is it either fails or works spectacularly, especially to the others who just see the results.
Dillon surprised most of us with just how effective he was even without his knives. Lorenzo surprised Henry and Dillon who had not really seen him fight before. Henry was the weakest of the bunch but that was expected as hes new and not focused on combat. After this fight though hes going to be better prepared and getting a better gun (12 gauge shotgun revolver) with a good choice of ammo options, some armor, and learn a few spells and combat oriented prayers.
After this session we have our midpoint break and can spend some experience.
It was a good fun game, and everyone made noticeable contributions.

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