Monday, March 16, 2020

Ceteri - Team B Season 1 Interlude: It's Magic!

After stopping the cultists from summoning a Nameless One (you really dont want to know what that is) some things happened...

4 months later...

Alice (Amos's Aunt) moved into his place till she finds a new place to live. She has spent most of this time giving Amos some intense magical training. He was a powerful Hedge mage already but the lack of formal training had left a few holes she seeks to fill in.  He also started working at the Library, some mystical place that is a storehouse of magical knowledge.

Lorenzo finished off the Hunter's Trade training for Dillon and Henry, with a few guest spots from Amos. This helped him brush up on and practice some of his skills as well, handy since his foster mother told him he was getting sloppy. Hes also managed to make time with that comely doctor that treated Henry and of course hold down the fort at the firehouse where he volunteers.

Dillon found some benefit in the Hunter's Trade training but mostly the noncombat stuff. He also has been going to vocational skill to learn metal smithing and practicing with making esoteric armor. Hes also found himself some work as a white hat for local construction jobs.

Henry did not spend nearly enough time learning the martial side as he probably should have because after that night he had a Visitation. Horus came to see him!
Henry was told he needs to learn more about his abilities and that his falcon Bishop is his familiar and will help teach him how to cast spells and learn more about his powers. Something really bad is coming and Henry has to get ready.
After 4 months Henry has learned a few spells he can cast, given the time and circumstances and picked up some special prayers he can use. He also has shared his special sight with the rest of the team. It was nerve wracking but Amos just grunted and acted like he knew all along (probably did) and the rest just took it in stride. After years of fearing people would think he was insane or should be dissected the result was pretty much a relief.

On the Hunt

Of course the monsters havent been totally silent these past months and the group has been patrolling and taken down a few as well as collected a few more cursed objects. No details on the guy dropping them around town yet but hes definitely out there.  Dropped a Monky's Paw among other things. Plus some vampires thought they could move into town.  The group knows each other much better by now and Henry has picked up some new tactics and gear.  Using the Hunters training plus his already expert knowledge of firearms he set up a reloading workshop in the basement and test firing range for exotic ammunition.  Also called purchased some from various sources. He picked up a 12 gauge revolver and has everything from Baton, Bean bag, and tear gas rounds (See GURPS High-Tech) for handling cultists, wooden slugs for vampires, silver bullets for werewolves, rock salt and hollowed slugs with holy water for demons and spirits, and a bunch of other stuff for special circumstances.

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