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Ceteri Team Recap - The Trouble With Family

B- Team Session 6 The Trouble With Family

Ceteri Team Recap, Session 6 B-Team - Sept 28th.

GMs Recap

Since Last Time

Its been 3 weeks since the coffee shop events and things have been quiet, with no new leads on cursed objects. Henry has used this time for work and to study up on the concepts and purpose behind various martial arts. Lorenzo has started teaching Dillon and Henry "The Hunter's Trade" which is a martial and scholarly style he and Amos were taught as youths. Its versatile and designed to hunt monsters. Amos helps teach some as well, especially some of the more scholarly aspects of it, allowing both teachers time for their own projects. Henry has a +9 learning modifier (See GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School) and already knows a few skills in the style so is a pretty good student. Dillon may not have that high a bonus (I have not seen his sheet) but is starting off ahead as he has far more natural talent (Higher DX and ST) and more advanced combat skills (Escrima! and Knife!) that he can apply. Amos spends additional time studying spells, and Lorenzo is busy covering extra shifts at the fire department as many have gone to NYC to help with 9/11 recovery efforts.And Dillon finished the underground rooms for Henry. A third container was added for a sound proofed shooting range.

A Morbid Anniversary

Sept 28th is the anniversary of the Lorna Road Massacre, the night all the boys on B-Team were orphaned (though Dillon still has his mother as they had separated and moved away before then). Amos in particular has been having a rough week sleeping, and they go to The Last Call to commiserate together. After drinks and a small meal, Dillon goes to play darts, though the place is nearly empty so he plays alone. Henry buys the table pixies food in return for information on anything unusual and they tell him about a bunch of kidnappings and the possible involvement of a church. After a few rounds three women arrive together, Myriam foster mother to Amos and Lorenzo, and the other are related to Amos (Aunt Justine Waite, and Great-Aunt Alice Waite) and come over to the table, as does Dillon in response. The meeting is a bit tense, Justine is distraught and its been eight years since shes seen Amos, and he and Alice have never met at all. Justine got involved in a cult and her young friend was taken by the leader. They ask for Amos help as he has a family heirloom that can help track her down.
Henry offers to help but Alice turns him down, saying she will use magic. Things between the family get a bit tense and though curious Henry starts to feel uncomfortable and suggests Dillon and he play a round of darts, meanwhile Myriam and Lorenzo catch up.

After a few quick rounds in which Henry never had a chance he recalls the role Myriam had in the others upbringing and gets an idea. He thanks Dillon and heads over to ask about the stuff he recently acquired, Dillon following. Lorenzo explains Henry and Dillon are "the new guys".
Showing the inventory list he had prepared for Amos he explains he would like to know what they are, languages involved, and if anything is dangerous or cursed. Myriam looks at the list and apparently its unique enough that she recognizes the former owner and asks how he got it and what he plans to do with it. Henry explains Mrs. Norcross gave it to him, though after she had died and he plans on using it if he can and saving it for the granddaughter should she want it when she comes of age. Myriam was an old friend and sorry Sharon Norcross had died, she hadn't heard. She writes down some notes and lets him know he could sell some of it for quite a bit of money, but nothing there is dangerous as Sharon would never have anything like that. L
Henry thanks her and they head back to the table where the conversation seems over as Alice is doing a Tarot reading.
Alice does three readings, each exactly the same and explains they will find the girl but shes well guarded and tings will go badly. There is some discussion about magical matters and she appears to be almost testing Amos.  She complements him on his Wards,to which Amos replies its just a matter of reading a book and following the instructions carefully. Getting a raised eyebrow he yells to the bartender for confirmation who in agrees his Wards are among the best hes seen, if not quite as good as his. Asking if Amos can do a Gate spell, he replies no, he was never taught it. She frowns at that and apparently effortlessly creates a gate to Amos home. Pointing out that we drove here she simply recreates the gate outside and large enough to drive through! Henry looks around for crowd reactions to see how normal this is and notes a few patrons a little impressed.

Back at Amos house they scry and find shes at a church about two hours drive away, Henry checks his notes from the pixies and sure enough its the sane church. Some talk occurs and when Justine insists on coming along Henry remarks "Arent you the reasons shes in this trouble?" and is promptly told to shut up by Amos. Cant account  for family, you dont pick them but sticking up for them is expected and Amos did so.
Amos is exhausted after casting multiple spells and penetrating defenses and needs to rest a bit. Henry feeling time is of the essence, (is it a coincidence its the same date as the massacre?) offers to drive ahead and scout around but is talked out of it. Alice does create a gate back at the Last Call which saves an hours drive.

They get there well after dark but its a full moon and clear night with plenty of stars in a large open area, Henry uses his Clear Sight to scout around as they approach and reports what he sees to Dillon who has Lorenzo and Amos on the phone n the other car. They discuss strategy.

And we end the night there.

The TIP Report

Henry spent the past three weeks on a few small jobs, nothing worth the GM giving any details but good enough that he gets to make his job roll.  Because paying the bills is good :)
He has been trying to build up his social network and supernatural contacts, mostly at The Last Call but nothing substantial yet.

Player's Thoughts

A good, though short session. No real party conflict, Henry and Amos had a tense moment when Henry spoke out of turn (Hey, you get a kid kidnapped you deserve to be called out on it) but Henry doesn't fault Amos for sticking up for family. Some of this was also a result of the player apparently mishearing a few things, though Henry could have too so it works out. Henry learned a bit more about Amos capabilities and his limits, apparently he cant do anything he wants, has to read a bit first. And both Henry and Dillon started martial arts training so can spend points on that when we hit the mid season break.
Next session probably some heavy combat, giving the other players a better chance to show their stuff and Justine may be useful backup.  I think Alice is coming too, though definitely not Myriam.

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