Monday, March 1, 2021

Pyramid Scheme Modern Action Issue

Issue 2 of the latest GURPS Kickstarter is aimed at modern day adventuring. Lets see what we have...

Into The Forbidden Zone

This article describes three real world locations that were abandoned during modern times. Its a departure from the author wo is best known for his fictional mini-settings. He briefly describes each location and has a few extra paragraphs of inspiration for running them in various genres.

The Phoenix Program

This describes the counterinsurgency portion of the Vietnam war. It is well researched and includes rules for the PC's to run their own operations.

Phoenix: Birds of Prey

This companion article describes various military units and how characters can be modeled.

Three Steampunk Monsters

Three interesting takes on old classics and suitable for most horror campaigns.

Secret Masters

This was my article and I will have some designers notes up that incudes material cut for space, primarily examples. GURPS has several conspiracy settings and solid rules for trying to uncover conspiracies, or even keep them hidden. What I felt was lacking was a simple way to actually run o be in charge of a conspiracy. This was my way to allow behind the scenes manipulation of organizations.

The Checkpoint

A very useful and fairly generic article describing a road based checkpoint and how its run. One of the more broadly useful articles as it covers temporary and permanent checkpoints with enough detail and explanation that it can be easily adapted.

The Company

A covert organization from the authors old Action! campaign this worked example of a modern day adventuring company can be dropped into most Action and Monster Hunter settings.

Derelicts on Ice

An interesting adventure exploring a ships graveyard off the coast of Greenland.

The Hunter's Reliquary II

Some items for a Monster Hunter campaign, includes the usual magical weapons but also some interesting choices for utility items.

El Rancho Fin Del Camino

An interesting location entry. This is a remote ranch house.

Highway Stars

A bunch of modern day vehicles all statted up and ready to go.

Random Thought Table: Get Paid, Heroically

Goes over the idea and troubles of making money in a modern day setting as an adventurer. Some useful material here for those not working for a regular job, and even those that are.

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