Monday, March 1, 2021

TTJP Session, Episode 26 The Shadow Prince

Casting: Tiger Team!

  • Jian Wu (Two) (Christian) 16M; Our smith and all around craftsman, carries a huge sword and Master of Dragon Man Kung Fu.
  • Jiao Ting (Eight) (Chris D) 16M; Reckless grappler; Black Palm
  • Liang Jing Min (Five) (Randy) 16M; Noble, on the outs with family; Chinese Spear Fighting.
  • Nongmin Chushi (Seven) (Rory) 16M; He talks to spirits, inquisitive and charming perhaps a wee bit too friendly to strangers. Shaman, Eagle Fist Chin Na!, Quarterstaff. Also Talker!, Artiste!, and Outdoorsman!
  • Shang Yi (One) (Calvin) 16M; Natural leader and archer. Shedao
  • Zhiyu Zhige (Nine) (Laurie) 16F; Sorcerer specializing in healing. Transcendent beauty and possibly decended from a fox spirit. Eagle Fist Chin Na.
  • He Bohi (Eleven) 16M; Twin, grew up near the docks. Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on striking.
  • He Donghai (Twelve) 16M;, Twin, Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on grappling.
  • Ko Lanfen (Four) 16F; Solid Order devotee. Tai Chi Chuan,
  • Laoshu (Three aka Mouse) 17F; Quiet and deadly with a knife. Dagger Fighting
  • Meiyou Ren (Six) 16M; Affectionately called the party blending machine and close to Zhige.
  • Rang Baozhai (Ten) 17F; Our bookworm and nerd. Eagle Fist Chin Na and Xiangliu's Bite (Crossbow).

We gather together after searching the complex for information and head to meet the Shadow Prince who runs this place. Chushi greets the guards who of course refuse admittance, saying the prince is busy and we need appointments. Chushi determines he means a bribe is required and passes this along to the group who debate what to do.  The head guard then points at Zhige and offers to let us pass for a few minutes with her.  Surprisingly she accepts.  They go just out of sight where she uses Pressure Points to give him a memorable experience, just not the kind he was hoping for! Barely managing to walk back he tells the others to let us pass.

Dinner and a Show

Were ushered in and it turns out Prince Ming May is a rabbit person. We briefly chat and inform him of our purpose here, finding and rooting out Black Silk cultists.  He wishes us good luck as they are a dangerous nuisance and offers dinner to talk it over. He seems besotted with Ling Min (what is with this guy and rabbits?) though Jing Min tries to remain politely disinterested. The meal goes well and we learn a bit, though most of the conversation is flirting. After awhile though the prince figures out Jing Min is not into him and changes gender intoa very beautiful female with bunny ears.  Things get much more accommodating and the aide gets some scrolls and maps for us to look over. There is a cave where a bunch of cultists have been trapped and the cave walled off but it potentially has a demon portal in it. We offer to investigate.

No Cultists Here!

Chushi explores the cave in astral form and notes the cave walls are covered in a toxic moss that extends into the spirit world. Thankfully the fresh rubble blocking the entrance is not yet contaminated and he gets in safely. All the cultists have vanished or died, but they did complete the portal and it is surrounded by bones.  Chushi memorizes the symbols all over the place and heads back out to tell the others what he found.  We send a message to Rang and the Green Seer and its determined that the portal has to be closed as quickly as possible but that it has to be closed from the other side. We head back to get some gear and rest up.  Pai Mei is informed by Zhige using a messenger spell and he agrees it must be done but that she is not to die, hes put too much work into her - oh and save the cook too. Thanks Pai Mei! I knew you loved my cooking! 

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