Friday, March 5, 2021

Pyramid Scheme Pyramid #4/3 Sci Fi Issue


Putting Science in Your Fiction

Interesting article. Its very niche in that its for scientific discoverers rather than inventions. So it is useful for survey missions, background character goals and campaigns where such development is desired. Included is advice on getting others involved, a very useful addition.

The Divine Pacific Republic of Datastan

A location that is a tiny remote island. Basically its for Cyberpunk.

More Options for Metatronic Generators

Expands on an article from Pyramid #3/46 Weird Science. Basically a way to handle powers as gadgets that have a monetary cost instead of a point cost.

Space Zombies

A colony ship with a zombie problem!

Lord Kelvin's Icebox

An Infinite Worlds setting, this one is a dying earth that is entering an Ice Age, Infinite Worlds is really an under exposed setting for world hopping that is rich in adventure possibilities. In fact it can also dovetail with Kromm's Putting Science in Your Fiction article above.

Mind Over Time

Psychic powers to manipulate time.  This is done in the format introduced in GURPS Psionic Powers and has a good breadth of abilities and a few novel ones.

Ghost Planets

Three abandoned worlds for GURPS Space.

Reign of Action

This one provides detail to adapt GURPS Action! to the Reign of Steel setting.

The Toughest Race in the Solar System

An interesting idea is the exotic race. Includes examples, suggestions, and rules for a variety of tough races in the marathon variety.

The Murrinres Portals

A weird portal or gate system between worlds or even different dimensions.  Interesting plot ideas here.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

A grab bag of ideas and rule options for some rather extreme sports.

Random Thought Table: Gone But Not Forgotten

Thoughts on exploring known or misunderstood locations.

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