The Dwarven Federation

Based in the mountains surrounding the world the dwarves are the front line against the Outsiders and the Jotun.
Dwarves are sturdy people, very organized, and invented many technologies, using Sigils to establish a higher overall tech level than most other races.
The federation consists primarily of Dwarves,  Gravers, Stonekeepers, and with Glowers as a kind of servant or pet species.


Dwarves are organized into extended family clans and each member is expected to work hard and improve the standing and prestige of the clan. The highest prestige available is to found a new clan.

Clan Organization

Clan Father: Selected by the elders in closed voting, this is a lifetime appointment. The Clan Father is responsible for the health and success of the clan and makes all clan decisions, including how funds are allotted.
Clan Mother: The wife of the Clan Father she is responsible for taking care of the ancestors and the clan burial grounds. It is her duty to communicate the ancestors desires to the Clan Father and the Elders.
Elder: Elders are responsible for the overall governing of the clan, under the watchful eye of the Clan Father and Mother. To become an elder a clan member in good standing must have shown great success in his works and be sponsored by an elder for at least one year. When an elder dies or retires the remaining ones vote on the current qualified applicants (called adherents) to replace the outgoing elder. Occasionally as the clan grows a new elder position can be created but this requires majority agreement among the elders and approval by both the Clan Father and Mother.

A clan is founded by a couple who had distinguished service and were awarded a new clan by a mayor or governor. Members of other clans may join the new clan in hopes of gaining prestige in this new clan as its smaller and typically has a fresh area to exploit. Young dwarves may be adopted by a clan different than the one they were born to, but marriage is the most common way to change clans.

Other Titles

Governor: There are 4 governors, one for the mountains surrounding each land. They are all equal in power and each has their own Governors Council and a Mayors Council for their territory.
Governors Council: This is comprised of the head of each guild.
Mayors Council: Composed of each mayor, though for routine business each mayor will appoint a representative to speak for them.
Mayor: Every dwarven city has a mayor who is responsible for running the town with the assistance of the town council which has one representative from each member clan and a set of wardens.
Warden: Each guild has one member assigned to represent it when dealing with the mayor and the clans. Wardens may sit on the town council at the mayors pleasure, most do at one time or another but the Peaceforcers guild and the town militia always have a warden on the council.
Guild Master: Every guild has their own leader who is responsible for managing the guild and making sure taxes are paid to the town. Typically this is one of the most celebrated members of the guild who has retired.


When any clan member dies they are interned in the clans necropolis. It is of great significance to have a prominent and well appointed tomb that speaks of your accomplishments in life. The tombs are paid for by family donations and out of the clan tithe (10% of each dwarfs earnings). They are maintained by a group of female dwarves called The Ancestral Daughters of "clan name".
Dwarves will seek out ancestors and pay tribute for advice and knowledge.

Magic and Infrastructure

Dwarves rely primarily on Sigil magic to build and maintain their civilization, which is the largest and most organized on Chalice World. Sigils can enhance and strengthen materials or bring out the beauty of crafted items, among many other capabilities. The dwarven civilization is effectively TL 4+1 in most respects with mature steam power. They have trains to travel between towns and into the Land of Metal and Land of Wood. Travel in the Land of Water is accomplished by steamboat or dirigible. They have no regular travel to the Land of Earth and trade with the Land of Fire is by underground train to its major city.
Dwarven steel is higher quality in material but really garners its powerful reputation from the benefits of Sigil magic.

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