Friday, August 2, 2019

Supers Code of Behavior

The following are expected codes of behavior and legal requirements for metahumans.

State of Emergency

In the event of a declared emergency at either the Federal, State, or Emergency level the following rules apply.
  • MASK Agents: All are expected to report for duty and support designated authorities until the emergency is over.
  • Villains: All villains who report to appropriate authorities and assist during a declared emergency will be exempt from arrest for the duration and for 24 hours after that so long as they are not committing crimes and offering appropriate and substantive assistance. Villains who violate the temporary amnesty by committing any felonies are subject to additional penalties.
  • Other Metahumans: Expectation is to help out, failure may result in loss of civil benefits.

Use of Force

The use of metahuman abilities during criminal activity comes with additional criminal and civil penalties.
  • MASK Agents: Are expected to use appropriate force, Excessive and lethal can result in unnecessary property and personal damage. Increasing the risk of harm to civilians is unacceptable. Do not escalate force levels without authorization, including Standing Orders (see MASK manual).
  • Villains: The use of powers that harm people or property imposes additional penalties. The levels of force used by villains can be matched by MASK agents, law enforcement personal, and even civilians. Property damage results in fines, injury results in compensation to civilians (including confiscation of assets), lethal or excessive force (including mental trauma) severely escalates the sentencing guidelines.

Powers Guidelines

  • Mind Control powers count as kidnapping and unlawful restraint. Penalties for torture may also apply.


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