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B- Team Session 5 Java and an Exorcism

B- Team Session 5 Java and an Exorcism

Ceteri Team Recap, Session 5 B-Team - Sept 2nd.

The group spends most of the day at Amos house discussing and discarding plans. Henry and Dillon feel there is too much risk to the concert in ringing more people to the demons hunting ground. Amos says its too late to cancel and shutting the place down would just make it harder to investigate. Also the demon already has victims and will continue to feed on them. Henry and Dillon dont seem to entirely buy it but can't convince Amos its not worth putting more people in danger and they run out of time.
Amos has prepared some charms for the group

The Daily Grind Awaits!

The group arrives at the coffee shop and find it pretty packed. Groupies pretty much haul Lorenzo off for selfies and autographs while the others head inside. Dillon is pulled out of line to test some new treats, Amos goes to help behind the counter, and Henry grabs everyone a table to use as a base of operations.  Talking the staff into reserving it as the bands table lets him anchor it but still walk around which he does.
Lorenzo starts the show and it goes over really well. Amos spots a suspicious tea kettle and tries to keep it out of circulation.
James, one of the owners gets annoyed and swaps it back in rotation saying ts his favorite. After some back and forth the demon grows annoyed enough to reveal itself and try to intimidate Amos, which fails.
Eventually the demon gets annoyed enough to act out and Dillon who has been near the counter puts the possessed James in a grapple. Henry spots whats going on and suggests they get him outside for fresh air as hes looking rather ill (has green drool coming out of his mouth). Amos follows and once outside forces holy water down his throat after having already tried garlic. This causes bleeding and Henry starts to panic but the demon curses them so they haul him out back. Amos says he has to get back to work and heads inside.
Soon the demon starts singing and confirms James can handle things here so heads inside. The entire crowd is mesmerized and singing in unison the same song the demon out back was and Lorenzo is also singing it.  Looking to Amos for a cue he sees him working the stove with the kettles so heads over.  Amos asks them to get James back inside and after that heads to the freezer (small walk in) and tells them he needs to do something.
Both Henry and Dillon are confused, Dillon asks Henry whats going on and Henry shrugs and rolls his eyes "Well he didnt tell me anything either.  Maybe hes going to exorcise it? Lets guard the door in case the demon send the crowd over to stop him."  Henry secures his pistol in case anyone tries to grab it and they wait.

Shortly the crowd reacts, though Lorenzo manages to get them back for a second and keep some distracted while Dillon and Henry brace themselves.  Henry is quickly swamped under the crowd but Dillon manages to hold his ground, even momentarily intimidating the demon. A short time later, maybe a minute or two after he started Amos appears to succeed and the crowd all collapse.
Henry checks on Amos who appears fine and the rest of the group drag people back into the main floor, checking for injuries and laying them out so it looks more like an accident. The group tries to set things up to appear to be a mistake in mixing ammonia and bleach and rely on the Mists for the rest.  When the medic teams show up (Lorenzo called them in) everyone is taken care of and Amos sneaks off with the kettle.
Henry heads to the hospital to check on the previous victims and they wake up soon thereafter.


Dillon is nervous and curious about what the demon told him. Amos finds out the next day that a stranger gave them the kettle. Henry decides to call in sick,citing the hospital visit and says he needs a few days rest, please only call him if its an emergency.

Resting up and recovering from his wounds from the demon Henry, who is not used to resting ponders things uncomfortably.
This group is very dangerous to hang around with but he cant go back to the way things were after having his eyes opened to this hidden world. Horus (he thinks the voice in his head is Horus) said this was the right place and that needs to be factored in as well.
What kind of being is Amos? He can dismiss demons with little effort, and speaks casually even dismissively of conversations with gods! Hes an arrogant ass who feels no need to explain himself and expects others to just follow along and trust it will work out. However he has shown such capability that that attitude is perhaps understandable. When you have that much power and resources your probably used to getting your way and not explaining yourself to anyone.So far he certainly seems capable of handling anything they have encountered.
If Henry is to survive the association he realizes he needs information.

OOC Commentary

I'm having a blast in the game. Amos and Henry had a really bad first encounter and Amos is a pacifist and does not like Henry using a gun. However that tension has added a roleplaying dynamic that is interesting, though the GM and Amos player find a bit frustrating.
 Trust should come fairly soon though, session one was them breaking into a house and Henry trying to stop what he assumed were possible accomplices to a homicidal wife. Henry later shot the evil doll which of course did nothing and annoyed Amos.  Henry had hoped the prayer that made his eyes glow would carry to the gun, and the player was hoping the Imbuements (already paid for, including skill) would activate and lead to understanding his hidden powers.
On Henry's side Amos comes across as somewhat callous and cavalier about things, especially other people. Since Henry is obsessed with protecting people and not used to taking orders its an oil and water conflict. Of course I dont know Amos sheet but so far he seems a bookworm with poor social skills and I'm reacting to how the player is playing him.
Pretty sure it will resolve itself soon  Henry needs to trust and accept Amos attitude and if he stops asking questions and second guessing Amos (easier once trust established, but using the immense demonstrated power as an impetus) maybe he can get past the gun thing.
Also eventually Henry will have other options.
Offered to swap out the character but hopefully it does not come to that, I really like Henry.

Those who have read all the session reports will notice Henry is not pulling his weight, and the in character description Henry has a lot of worries and concerns.  Henry is a 19 year old who learned about this hidden world less than two weeks ago. His Clear Sight set him apart and he suspected supernatural powers existed but still confronting it, especially being attacked by two demon (both of whom used psychic attacks, sort of a temporary sanity blasting thing but not as severe so far as Call of Cthulu) and I'm playing him as pretty much a newbie. As for his capability, the campaign changed a bit from the beginning, we lost a psychic who was going to gather info and so I leaned more into combat in his build. Also the hunting cursed objects was not part of the initial concept, though it came up pretty fast (Before start but after initial builds) .  He is very rounded and has lower attributes than the others but a breadth of skills and advantages.  The catch is many of the advantages were latent till he learns how to use them.  Classic grow into his own kind of build.
With Dillon a combat monster we dropped the latent Imbuements and added Talker! to expand his detective skills. That will help with the cursed object recovery mission, and he still will be very good in combat using his Mystic abilities such as spells and Divine Favor.
Plus that gun Amos hates :)
So while your reading these reports and seeing Henry get smacked around or worrying about his being able to pull his weight those are HENRY's thoughts, not the players.
As I said, I'm having a blast and enjoying myself.

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