Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Evil Doll

Session 2 B-Team Recap - The Evil Doll

This s one players perspective of the session, to see the GMs recap go over to RavensNPennies
Last session Henry met the group and they retrieved a cursed ring from his client. That night Henry had a dream and an old client he had did some body guarding for awhile back appeared to have a cursed doll in the families possession. In the morning after breakfast and morning prayers and his morning 5 mile run with Bishop (pet falcon) so he could eat, he cleaned up and prepared for the day.

He did a background check on the two people he had just met. Amos seemed to have several properties, some recently acquired and had earned some money from writing some books. Lorenzo was a volunteer fireman and squeaky clean. He then checked on Mr. Kudrow from yesterday and door was already replaced and he and hs wife were very happy and off to vacation in the islands.  Checks in the mail.  Wished them the best and was happy they seemed to have confused the events a little but are happy.  Next he checked records on the Childress family, nothing overtly suspicious so he headed over to meet his new associates (not yet friends) to get some background and let them know about his lead. Henry simply had no idea how to handle a cursed doll and wanted to see if it was possible to extricate it without danger to the family.
As he was bout to knock on the door the couple headed out, apparently Amos was really hungry. They went to a nearby diner (great food by the way!) where Lorenzo put away a truly impressive amount of food. Henry explained about the doll and when asked for a description he made a sketch for them. Unfortunately it appears there are a LOT of cursed items floating around and Amos said he could not give any real info without seeing the doll.  They agreed to head over to the Childress residence.

Henry escorted Amos in and introduced him as a research assistant, though he had to convince him to clean up a bit and make himself more presentable. Note to self, remember to rep;ace the alcohol wipes in the first aid kid. Lorenzo was a bit behind and followed them in his truck, probably lethargic after all that food. They encountered some gardeners spreading fertilizer and trying to save some white roses that were dying.  Apparently they were sick for no discernible reason, as were some in the back yard.  Amos has a knack for plants (surprising Henry by speaking fluent Spanish) and had a chat about the plants. Hearing the gardeners explanation Henry looked the rose bush over for insects and noticed even the bees were avoiding it. Something odd there.
Henry left them with a nod to indicate he was headed inside and talked with the maid and Mrs. Childress,who was really stressed out and had taken up smoking again. Mr. Childress was on a business trip and Henry gave a vague cover story that he had heard some things and wanted to check on the family. He assured her it was probably nothing but he didn't want to take chances. She explained about the rose bushes (transplanted from her mother) and Henry used that as a reason to look around and that if they were vandalizing plants it was probably just scare tactics, nothing serious like last time. A porcelain horse fell off the mantle, startling her and she told the made it was happening too often so stop placing them on the edge, Amos and Lorenzo came in,Henry introduced them and they went to the backyard.

Once they had some privacy, Henry explained the odd things he noticed and they saw a large dead circle of grass (Amos had already been there) under the daughters bedroom. While they were talking Henry looked through the wall and saw the doll. Unfortunately the doll saw him too and was not happy! She told him the girl was her meat and Henry fainted from fright. Lorenzo woke him up with smelling salts and while they had a hurried discussion the maid brought Amos some tea (odd duck this one) and a rock fell on Loremzo's head, though it didn't injure him. They took that as cue to head inside. Henry headed to Megan's (daughter, 5 year old) room while the others headed to the kitchen.

Megan ran up to Henry for a hug, he lifted her and gave her a little whirl. She was having tea with the doll and introduced them. Henry and the doll had a brief staring contest where this time he did not pass out. They talked for a bit till Amos came in, saw the doll, earned brownie points with a cat he had in his pocket (yes, a real live cat!) that played with Megan before apparently noticing the doll and hissing at it and batting at it,  Good kitty!
Megan didn't like this though but Amos cheered her with a little flower in a glass bubble.
After a bit they left, had a brief conference then went to Amos's place for some research. Henry was not thrilled with the delay, but supposedly these people know what there doing.

Henry continued thinking mean things about that doll, though the others warn him burning it might not resolve the situation.

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