Saturday, February 1, 2020

Heroes Gate

There are several realms bordering the Shattered Lands, but Heroes Gate is the most accessible and best well known.
Total Area 1,325,014 sq miles. Population 640,000

  • Farmlands 701,478 sq miles. Setback from the front lines and maintained with canals from the inland sea. Primarily food crops, some wheat and corn, but also textiles such as cotton. Animal husbandry is a mix between cattle, horses, and sheep.


Heroes Gate was founded centuries ago on the ruins of numerous fortifications as the bulwark against the Shattered Lands and those things that come out of it  It is a major defense for the Commonwealth and was founded in part by revenue from other realms. Between it and the Shattered Lands lies a great river that was shaped to come from the Barrier Mountains and run along the border, till pooling in Deaths Call sea. Since the time of its founding other border realms have grown up out of border fortresses but Heroes Gate gets the most acclaim. Besides being the most easily accessible from the bulk of the Commonwealth it is famous for its high quality training academies in military and magical studies. It is considered the premiere place in all of the Commonwealth to receive combat training and has regular expeditions to the Temple of Thoth of the First Kingdom, a renowned source of magical and spiritual learning.


The land is dotted with watch towers to spot any creatures that may have slipped through the border walls. As that rarely happens, they mostly serve to keep banditry to a minimum and travel is generally the safest in all the realms.
The border itself is a massive cold river flowing from the icy Barrier Mountains with a long well fortified wall on its side and massive bridges crossing the river at key points. This river is enchanted with large glowing rune stones to purify and fortify it against Outsiders and numerous spirits reside within and nearby.
There is a massive inland sea centerward and at the edge of the border called Deaths Call where those who served well are buried with honors. A colony of merfolk live in the sea and maintain the large necropolis as well as trading fish and other goods.

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