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Ceteri game recap, Session 3 B-Team

Session 3 B-Team Recap - Demons and Poltergeists, Oh My!

This is one players and characters perspective of the session, to see the GMs recap go over to RavensNPennies This is a long recap, including some of Henry's inner thoughts.
Last session Henry led the group to an old client and they found a cursed doll and went to research it.

After leaving the Childress home, they headed to Amos's place to do some research and prepare spells. Lorenzo felt there was a connection the grandmother, partly because her rose bushes had been attacked. Henry did some background work checking that out and it turns out she had Covenant connections. While Amos was working on his magical preparations he asked Lorenzo and Henry to sift through his garage and find a valuable bracelet that could help.  After an hour or so digging through boxes they found it and Amos said it was an antique and needed to be treated carefully, then threw it in a closet or something.
Disgusted with what seemed a waste of time Henry headed out to the yard for Bishops evening hunt. After a time an individual drove up on a motorcycle and was greeted by Lorenzo who brought him out back to talk with Amos. Curious, Henry called in Bishop and headed over to see what was going on.
Turns out this new guy Dillon is the brother of an old companion of theirs (Timothy) who died in a fire and just drove to Boston looking for him.  Dillon is trying to find out what happened and they are being evasive about the circumstances, apparently trying to avoid talk of the supernatural. After a few minutes Henry gets too frustrated, calls them assholes and offers condolences for the death of his brother. Admitting he never met him, he explains how it sounds like he died a hero so maybe he can take some comfort in that.
They then head inside and they explain a little more while handing out refreshments. Both Henry and Dillon are surprised when Dillon's glass floats off toward the kitchen for a refill. Dillon carefully avoids it thereafter. Amos offers to cast a tracking spell to see if he can find the brothers missing body. Henry finds this fascinating and asks a few questions, learning that the spell would work with hair or other body parts, not just the blood of a relative. Henry declines to ask why they never cast the spell before, thinking its likely Timothy left some such in the car they parked in the garage. No need to drag up more trouble, but asks if anyone can cast such a spell as it could be great for detective work. Amos seems to downplay its value in ways Henry feels dont make sense (10 minutes to cast, only shows where they are at the time of casting) so there may be other reasons to avoid it, involving demons perhaps?

They decide to check out the grandmothers place so Henry, Lorenzo, and Dillon head out with Amos staying behind. Dillon rides with Henry and Henry offers to help find his brother after this, though warns him its a very cold case so slim odds. Dillon asks about this magic stuff and Henry explains he was skeptical at first, and to some extant still is but hes seen enough to admit at least some of this is real.  Also, though they come across as strange, and perhaps a little callous (specifically Amos) he thinks there both basically nice people.

Arriving at the brownstone which is empty but still maintained Henry sees a woman in an upper window that looks like the dead grandmother. They head directly for the door, which opens as they arrive and Henry walks in. Lorenzo expresses mild concern about breaking and entering, to which Henry replies they have been invited. Of course that wont be a good explanation for the police but Henry is confident he can explain everything if they happen to show up and heads upstairs to where he sees the grandmothers spirit. Lorenzo and Dillon stay downstairs, possibly wondering who and what Henry is talking to. Henry confirms the spirit is Sharron Norcross, the dead grandmother and shes quite concerned. Henry explains hes trying to protect her family and shes surprised he can hear her. He explains he is reading her lips and they have a short conversation.  Sharron takes him upstairs to a secret room and indicates a shelf of books. She explains that he should take a white leather bound book to a White Witch to help remove the cursed doll, also that the doll is not what it seems (A detail Henry seems to forget to mention later) and asks if he will swear to protect Meghan the granddaughter,  Henry hesitates a moment recalling how these things can workout from stories he has read but decides its important, he intends to anyway, and that she probably wont twist it somehow. A chill comes across him, affirming its a big deal and she offers everything in the room to him if he saves them.
Meanwhile...A police officer pulls up to the house, apparently having been called by a nosy neighbor who saw them enter. They hide quietly and the officer leaves muttering about the nutty neighbor.
Henry heads downstairs and they all leave with Lorenzo stopping to get a clipping from the rose bushes for Amos.

Back at Amos's Henry explains the purpose of the book and Amos skims it but apparently does not know a white witch. While working out plans Lorenzo (he must have made a great impression on her) gets a frantic call from Cassandra which is quickly disconnected with a scream.
They pile in the cars and head over as fast as they can and make great Navigation and Area Knowledge Boston rolls for the fastest route, saving at least 15 minutes travel time.

Arriving at the house Mindy (the maid) is on the front lawn crying), front door is open and they hear screaming from inside. Cassandra is floating in the entry way, Henry runs past her to get Meghan and hauls her downstairs and away from the doll before she starts floating too.
Dillon attacks the doll then comes downstairs, A chaotic melee ensues, ending with them placing charms in the walls and trapping the spirits back in the doll. See the GM recaps for much more detail on the fight.


  • Henry prayed for help in saving the girl and was told he had the power to smite the demon. The glowing eyes seemed to hurt it but not smite it, which means he needs to figure out how that works and be more effective. Apparently he does not believe in his power strongly enough, though this time it worked out next time it might not go so well and that cannot be tolerated or risked.
  • He hurt his knee when the poltergeist tossed an ottoman at him, but no broken bones and hes confident a day or two of rest will heal. However he decides to wrap it and skip the morning run for the next day or two and power through it.
  • These cursed items are really bad news, Henry needs to get better prepared or he may endanger the group, or worse- innocents.
  • Lorenzo seems like a good guy,the werewolf thing probably helps him in a fight but Henry was too distracted to see if it affected this one. He seems more grounded than Amos.
  • Amos isn't exactly growing on him yet but it seems undeniable hes good at this magic stuff and that gesture at the end giving the family some closure was nice. He seems like a decent guy who cares about people, though maybe not more than his books or plants. However he seems to have his head in the clouds and takes people for granted. Probably mostly trustworthy, though depending on him seems risky (who knows how reliable magic is) and he seems to ask people for meaningless tasks, such as wasting time on a stupid bracelet.
  • Dillon seems earnest, and Henry will start some records searches on Timothy and since he saw the warehouse on the map will check out the scene for clues. A year later its unlikely Henry will find anything but at least hes going to try.
  • Henry plans to go back to grandmas house and get the stuff she offered him. Probably hand it over to Amos but if the family has a history of magic and all that has happened to Meghan she may come into it later so Henry wants her to have it once shes old enough if she wants it.  Also any private or confidential materials will be excluded.
  • Henry is planning on checking out the pub and see if he can find out more about the supernatural situation, maybe even someone who understands and is willing t explain this stuff.

The TIP Report

Checking in at work he informed Mike (his boss) that he might be taking a day or two off for some pro bono work. Checking in on an old client it appears someone has been vandalizing their house. The husband, a prominent and connected attorney he did some bodyguard work for awhile back is on a business trip and Henry is concerned for the family. So far it seems to be just poisoning prize plants and some minor property damage, unlikely to be organized crime and he hopes to get this resolved quickly. He also informed the office that the last case (Possible cheating spouse) was resolved satisfactorily and check should be in the mail.

Player Comments: Its good to be a valuable employee, even better when the boss is bought as a Patron<g>.

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