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Demon in the Coffee Shop

B- Team Session 4 The Demon in the Coffee Shop - Sept 1st,

Ceteri Team Recap, Session 4 B-Team - Sept 1st.

Between the Lines

After the previous session about a week has passed and the group has been busy. Henry checked in with the Childress family who are doing well and mostly blocked out the events. He also heads to the the grandmothers place and cleans up the secret room with the materials she gifted him.
Taking careful notes he offers to loan the materials to Amos since Amos could possibly make immediate use of it and check it for cursed items or such. However he has the condition that Amos offer it to Meghan when she comes of age. Henry's traumatic experience when he was a child shaped his life and awoke something magical in him and a guide would have been welcome. In case Meghan who is apparently the granddaughter of a powerful witch awakens to her own power he wants her to be prepared and have access to what he feels are family heirlooms.
Amos however declines saying he cant promise anything of the sort and that magic is dangerous.

Henry carefully looks over everything, hoping he can get a feel for them as he has a few other objects, but feels nothing but good vibes.  Also he cannot read any of the books. He talks about storing them in a safe room at his house and Dillon volunteers that hes a construction worker and willing to help - so Henry hires him.  Amos, offers to protect it from scrying with some magical wards and offers some construction tips. They decide on 2 forty foot cargo containers buried in the backyard with a tunnel to the inside of the house. This project costs several thousand dollars but should provide a safe space for Henry to store his own materials and whatever he may come across later.
Note: Ward against scrying strength 26; iron containers, washer used to paint the walls with salt and salt poured around it as well. Also silver and other materials are used inside. The entire thing also is climate controlled and connected to the house.
Perhaps because of the questions, Amos decides to have a week long crash course on the supernatural and its Boston community in particular,

Henry actually skips running for a few days to help his leg heal up but does some of his usual town checkup and hits the Last Call pub he was introduced to. Due to construction and the class he spends far less time on this than normal.

The Sleeping Students

As Dillion is being given a tour of the town by Lorenzo, he spots a newspaper with a strange article about three college students in a coma after a visit to a coffee shop, The Daily Grind. Lorenzo reads it and feels there may be a cursed object involved so assembles the group.
The place is sparkling clean and was heavily checked by the health department and specialized medical people, possibly the CDC. The theme of the place is antiques and seems ripe for a cursed object.
The group checks the place out, Amos apparently is a connoisseur of antiques and bonds with one of the owners, they even let him work behind the counter to show off how things work. Lorenzo is recognized for his musical fame and asks about open mike. They make a quick call and cancel an act for the evening so he can perform. Dillon really enjoys the food and becomes a guinea pig for some custom treats they want to experiment with. Henry chats up the customers and scans the place as well as he can, hoping to find something. The group departs to go over what they found (not much) and prepare for that nights show,

The Demon in the Coffee Shop

Lorenzo turns out to be a terrific and versatile singer, and apparently has a lot of fans.The show goes over very well and makes the place a lot of money, helping offset recent negative publicity.
After the show everyone heads home and will discuss ideas the next day. Henry however has a dream, and not the good kind!
He finds himself in the shop and sees  the three students in a coma sitting a a table - they do not look well.They appear haggard and have holes in them. Henry hears a voice from the counter and sees a demon standing there who talks to him. Something about how Henry looks tasty and Henry desperately tries t wake up, but to no avail. The demon casually walks over to Henry and bites him!
Desperate and in pain Henry prays for strength and aid, suddenly finding himself in a river.
Looking around it feels like Africa and he guesses hes in the Nile. He spots a man on the shore playing chess and heads over, dunking himself in the water first as a symbol and hoping to wash any demon spit off him.

Sensing the being is an Egyptian deity (Thoth or maybe Ptah he guesses), but not his patron Horus he takes the cue that he is here to have a conversation and asks permission to sit and play. He loses in just three moves :(
Rather expecting to lose, he is still a bit embarrassed at losing so badly and fast - fortunately the spirit does not seem annoyed.  Henry thanks him for his help and is asked why he was fighting an Akkadian Dream Demon in a dream. The spirit looks him over and Henry feels his soul tingle (Anubis?) and says he can see a little while Horus is interested in him and calls him Get of Horus.
The spirit than dismisses him and offers a gift.

Henry wakes up on his lawn (he went to sleep in the bed, so was presumaby moved to the yard so he could get medical help) with EMTs working him over and saying he died. They rush him to the hospital, even though he insists hes fine.  After all what are they going to do to help him recover from a demon attack?
Once in his room Henry calls Amos and Lorenzo so he can let them know what he found out. Amos shows with Dillon in tow and after being briefed says it was likely Thoth and that his cat once talked to Anubis. Lorenzo flirts with his doctor who then releases Henry AMA.

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