Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Surplus of Executive Orders

So President Trump who complained during the election of how many Executive Orders Presidnet Obama did has now exceed that of ANY prior president in thier first 100 days for the last 72 years according to CNN.

He just signed his 28th! in less than 100 days which is more than anyone else EVER.
Not trusting any single news source I quickly found the following.
Nov 20 2014 so wont include all of President Obamas orders per Year.
Note that only those Presidents who exceed this amount on a year by year comparison were war time presidents.
The Daily Dot
The Primary source Other articles quote this source but it is a little harder to read so I included the above.
We also have seen him spend a record number of taxpayer dollars in domestic travel, mostly for his weekend golfing and his wife and son not wanting to live in the White House.

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