Sunday, April 16, 2017

Town Halls

With Congress on Recess a lot of people are making their views known to their local politicians.
The Town Hall site will help you find out when and where your local town hall is going to be.
Unfortunately many Republicans have stopped having them or are going to teletown halls so they can control things better and avoid listening to opposing views.
It is important that you remember who was willing to listen to you and who tried to hide or ignore you.  Despite what people like Rep. Markwayne Mullin  say to deride their constituents or people who avoid holding town halls at all they are supposed to work for you, not the lobbyists.

Money in politics invites corruption but remember that while it can buy a politician it cant buy a vote, at least not directly.  Advertising is just another sales pitch.
If Americans remember what their politician rally did and not just the campaign promises and vote we can take America back and leave a better country for our children.

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