Monday, April 17, 2017

Oklahoma should push for nonrenewable energy

This wont be popular with some Oklahoman's but here me out.  Because its a win for every Oklahoman.
We have some of the best energy companies around and by expanding their roles or new companies investing in renewable energy solutions we have a chance to get off oil and gas for our own energy needs.
As long as it lasts we can always sell the oil or gas to others so that is not a threat to our oil and gas industry.  However as many know the price varies and we see lay offs and rehires in the energy industry over and over again as prices fluctuate.  That is not job security, nor is it smart business to have all your eggs in one basket.
Also we know there is a limited supply of these fuels and as it gets harder to dig them up they get more expensive.  Eventually if we stick with that as our primary industry we will eventually wind up like Detroit when the steel ran out.
Boom than Bust is simply shortsighted and not a smart plan.
the Solutions Project shows what we can do for ourselves.
That project would result in over 46,000 new construction jobs and over 20,000 operations jobs.
It lowers our health costs by 5.4 BILLION and saves 600 lives per year once complete.
It saves $17,699 per person per year in utility and health care savings once complete.

And imagine if Oklahoma companies were the most experienced in Wind power. Those companies and their employees could make money helping other states or countries build wind farms.
It is probably too late to be a solar energy leader but maybe we can do it with wind.

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