Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Net Neutrality is a Free Speech issue

This article by CNN on the latest activity regarding Net neutrality lacks details but I recommend calling your legislature and letting them know how you feel.
The basic idea is that your internet provider can decide what you see on the internet based on how much they pay them.  So larger companies can afford to pay more for better access and smaller independent business or individuals will not pay as much so those sites will be harder to reach.

If we had a large choice (say 5 or more) home internet providers this might be acceptable, however most Americans have 1 or 2 provider choices so its pretty much a monopoly.  This is why President Obama tried to treat home internet providers as utilities like our water and power.  The current congress however prefers to treat them as regular service  providers, more like cell phones so feel they should have little or no regulation.

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