Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Attack

This airstrike was probably the hardest thing President Trump has done so far.
Mostly he seems to have support, though some of his supporters have objected and withdrawing thier support.
I feel what he did violated American Law but the Republican Congress seems to mostly ok with letting that go but asking him to consult next time.
The trouble is of course waiting too long weakens such an action.  Punishment must be swift or it loses much of its impact.
This was a very moderated response, a specific attack on one base with a warning to Russia and hence Syria to clear out troops.
Some on the Right object as they are nationalists and want to ignore the rest of the world.  Some also say it was not Syria but Russia that was behind the chemical attack that prompted this.
Some on the Left object because they think its probably part of a conspiracy with Russia.
It is possible that Russia set this up to distract from the investigation and provide leverage with the Sanction talks.  Personally I doubt this however, though I acknowledge it is weird Al Assad did this now.  Also a bit odd no crater charges were used so the runway damage seems pretty minimal.
However the timing with regards to North Korea is probably a positive.
Though I have called my Senator to remind him again to please watch for President trump starting a war to change the narrative.

Overall I think it was a good thing, we will have to see.

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