Sunday, April 23, 2017

Money in Politics, Buying a Politician

We used to have a fairly effective Two Party system.
The concept is a bit old fashioned and is the same opposition theory that most of our legal system is based on.  However the idea of two people or groups fighting and the winner deciders the results only works if both sides have integrity and are really competing for the best interests of the ones they work for.  As one side gets too powerful the other side counters and we have a rough balance.
Republicans Support Corporate America and the wealthy while the Democrats support the poor and middle class.  That has changed however and Citizens Untied was a big part of that.
Republicans and Democrats now both support the wealthy and big corporations at the expense of the individual and lower income classes.
Democrats have since shortly before the time of Bill Clinton have moved to the big money side of things and thus are essentially "Republican Lite" They still talk like they support middle class and working poor but their actions prove they do not.
Republicans still support the wealthy and corporations and this IS important. Corporations are an essential part of America and over regulating them can cripple their effectiveness in the world market and healthy corporations can provide jobs and help the economy as well as provide services we want.

However we need that counter to keep corporations honest.  We can not let them pollute our air and water, engage in unfair labor practices or not pay their fair share.
The current system is one sided and needs to change.
We must take big money out of politics and prove to politicians that they can not win an election with money alone.
President Trump promised to drain the swamp.  So far we have not seen any action on that front.
America voted for Anti-establishment policies in voting for President Obama and President Trump.

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