Saturday, April 1, 2017

Two Wrongs do not make a Right

Democrats need to start picking their battles more carefully.
Yes it was wrong and a gross dereliction of duty for Republicans to not vote on SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland..  In doing so republicans betrayed the public trust and that they feel their party is more important than America.
However now the Democrats are doing almost as bad, by at least letting the Gorsuch nomination get to a vote they are ahead in the ethics on this but they should go ahead and vote, not filibuster or try to block with tricks.

With the lowest approval rating of any President ever in the United States within the first hundred days and approval on Congress also slipping every day America has shown it is tired and getting more and more enraged at Partisan politics.
Democrats lost the last election and have been steadily losing state and congressional/senate elections for more than a decade due to anti-establishment anger.  Republicans did not win the last election, Democrats gave it away.
Wake up DNC!
Stop playing corporate and partisan politics and start working for your constituents and you may actually reverse that trend.  While big donor money gets you better advertising people are showing they are paying more attention and a catchy ad wont win over integrity and doing what the voters want.

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