Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Anti-Establishment Movement.

A lot of political leaders do not seem to understand what is going on in America.
Democrats are blaming the email scandal and the media talking about it too much.
Republicans are saying its a mandate to kill the EPA, civil services and deregulate everything including Wall Street and the Banking industry.
President Trump says it means no one cares about his taxes.

The real thing that just happened is the same thing that has been happening for  about 20 years, probably longer.
President Obama was elected as a Change president.
The Tea Party was founded as a change and backlash against the republican party and their perceived failures.
President Trump was voted in over Hillary Clinton because she was viewed as the establishment.
Justice Democrats were formed as a backlash to the establishment Democrats.
Since the election we have seen a record number of protests, from Marches to record setting Town Halls and the politicians who avoid them.  My Senator James Lankford to his credit showed up for his.
The last election stirred up the anger that was simmering to a fever pitch and it does not seem to be abating.  Will it last until the midterm and presidential elections?

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