Saturday, July 29, 2017

Adventures, Campaigns, Encounters, and Quests.

On the GURPS forums we have had a recent re-occurrence of a sort of per-annual topic which is how to make GURPS more popular.
One thing that comes up is GURPS needs more adventures, then the conversation gets side tracked with what is an adventure and what kind of adventure do you really want and why.  So here I go over some terminology.


These are typically one shot events, often random encounters or just a distraction or obstacle. An Encounter usually takes very little work by their GM. Typically you pull a foe or group of foes from the bestiary or other appropriate book and fight a single battle.


These are a bit more involved and may be played over multiple sessions. Typically a map is involved and several encounters and obstacles in the way of completing some task.


Typically a specific type of adventure where an NPC assigns or requests the players go accomplish some specific task.


A long running campaign consists of multiple adventures and encounters. A Campaign may be a few months or last several years.


This is a world and includes the background but is run as a sandbox and no pre-planned campaign or adventures.  Games run in a setting are likely to involve the latter but it is not part of the initial material. Especially for example a setting book., if it is it is a very optional part of the material.

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