Sunday, July 16, 2017

Broken Care Reconciliation Act

The Grand Old Party is so stuck on the idea that they have been promising to Repeal the AHCA for the last 7 years that I think they have lost sight of what they actually promised.
Trump ran and won on the idea of making Universal Health Care and the GOP has been promising something better, with lower premiums and better coverage.
The concepts they are focusing on instead are...

  • Taxcuts for the wealthiest.
  • Taxcuts and incentives for Insurance CEOs.  Why do they need a special benefit/perk?  How is this even classic republican?  If they run a good business they should not need further incentives.
  • Free market policy.  The idea beign that more competition lowers prices and improves quality.  The trouble is that wont work for Health Care. Remember Insurance companies make a better profit if they can get people to pay premiums and no need medical care.  There is no free market concept that encourages insurance companies to provide good coverage at good prices.  They WANT people who are at risk of getting sick to go to another company and will be fighting for the healthiest part of the market and trying to avoid covering the rest. Republicans are either too stupid to understand that concept or they just don't care.  I think its more the latter.
This bill is not about, nor does it even try to improve health care.  Its about checking off a box and passing a tax cut to themselves and their donors.

So if they manage to get it passed everyone who loses coverage, knows someone who loses coverage or see rates go up faster than inflation, or knows someone who dies because if this needs to remember this when it comes time to vote again.
The AHCA was not perfect, nor even as good as President Obama promised but it was better than what we had before. Working on improving it or replacing it with something better would be the right thing to do.  However the Great Obstructionist Party has been unable (actually it looks like they never even tried) to come up with something better, despite 7 years of looking forward to this.

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