Thursday, July 27, 2017

Democrat vs. Republican: A study in Ethics and Morality

Readers of this blog may think I hate the Republicans and like the Democrats.
That is only half true as I hate both parties.  Not all individuals in both, but overall both stink.

However the latest GOP attempt to pass something, ANYTHING along the lines of repeal for Obamacare (The Affordable Health Care Act) shows the hypocrisy in a dramatic (though not the only) way.
Republicans screamed that not enough time was taken to discuss the AHCA and that it was passed without bi-partisan support.
The AHCA was debated in the senate for a month and numerous GOP amendments added to it.  This after taking about a year to pass through various committees, being scored by the CBO, and public exposure and discussion.
And now?
Republicans have been screaming for repeal and Replace for over 7 years yet never bothered to actually work on a plan.  If they had we would have seen it by now.
Instead they keep coming up with rushed plans behind closed doors where not even all party members get to carefully examine it before voting on it.  They deliberately exclude and dont even try to get Democratic support. Granted getting support to repeal a bill that you passed and so many of your party sacrificed for would be a tough sell but to not even try?
Further after failure after repeated failure the GOP Senate decided to just call for a procedural vote on a bill none had seen just so they could check a box.
Understand that this is not actually passing anything but it is a step towards it. The idea i to vote quickly on whatever Mitch McConnel wrote and try to hash it out in reconciliation between House and Senate leadership. Democrats are expected to try and push amendments in order to slow things down enough that people will have a chance to read it.

Do you understand the difference here?
Democrats worked on trying to make health care better for over a year and let the public and Republicans look it over and put in amendments and comments. Their President asked them to take a stand for making Health Care better (not perfect but it did slow down premium rate growth and saved lives) and they fell on their swords and many lost their seat as people did not really understand what was really going on. Democrats suck at messaging compared to Republicans, witness how much more popular the AHCA is now after Republican attacks and people have a chance to see the real benefits to them compared to GOP plans.
However now that they have the power the Republicans refused to do the homework on crafting a bill (7 years and nothing to show for it?) and keep trying to sneak something past not only the Democrats and the American People but others in their own party as well.  They violate everything they complained about before.
Republicans have demonstrated they are short on ethics, morality, and commitment.

Right now many want to pass something, anything so they can go home and aid they kept their promise to Repeal and replace.  They forget they also promised to make it better and transparent.
What they did not forget is to cut taxes to their wealthy donors.

I hope people remember what happens here and hold them accountable.  Though they are trying to procrastinate and pull one over us by pushing out most of the damage for two years.
So they hope to get reelected because people wont realize the costs in time.

In summary both parties are full of problems but at least the Democrats are less bankrupt than the Republicans.  Lets replace them all by voting in fresh faces at Brand New Congress!

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