Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trumps Thashes about to try and distract

I have been worried about and telling as many people as I can, including my legislatures that Trump is willing to damage and possibly even destroy the the country to distract people from his crimes and poor poll numbers.
Consider the latest effort, banning and removing Transgender  people from the military. Imagine fighting for the country in say Afghanistan and you suddenly hear you may be forcibly discharged from the military, Possibly losing all benefits you earned from your service and possibly facing felony charges depending on how they go about that discharge.
Why?  Money? Congress was already looking at exempting medical expenses from their benefits (Hint: Make it up by having Trump skip a visit or two to his resort and tax subsidized property Mara Lago).
What about his shameful speech to the Boy Scouts? Was it self aggrandizement and his typical bragging and mud slinging?  Or was it another effort to distract us?

Now it is true that so far none of these and other efforts are very effective, firing Comey did not stop the Russia investigation and if he fires Sessions and Roesenstein in efforts to stop Meuller even the cowardly and sycophantic GOP will likely step up and reenact the Special Counsel/Prosecutor law.
At least I hope so.

However even though he has had more resignations and firings than any other President in history at this stage we see little more than lip service by the GOP. Even though we have plenty of evidence of actual crimes we see stalled investigations as the GOP continues to protect him because they have chosen to put party ahead of country.
At some point they will realize its not working and even if they dont change priorities they will see that this attitude will cost them the power and seats they so crave.
I have informed Senator Lankford, Senator Inhofe and Rep Lucas (my legislative reps) that they are encroaching on becoming accessories after the fact and violating their oath of office.
Everyone who cares about America needs to do the same.

Elected officials need to realize and be reminded that they work for the People not a few ultra wealthy or corporate donors. Lining their pockets by selling out the country will eventually cost them.  It is up to us to see if they get away with it in this world or have to wait till they come before God.

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