Saturday, July 29, 2017


So I just finished going through a LOT of videos and organized them into some play lists.
If you subscribe to a list you will be notified when I add more items to that list.  I have subscribed to many lists and turned on notifications for my daily news so I dont have to go looking.  I hope that maintaining my own list will help save some time for others.  At the very least it will save me from piling up the bookmarks!


RPG Tips: For Players
RPG Tips: GM Advice and Resources includes everything from GM tips to map making tutorials and how to come up with names and languages.
GURPS Videos  is a list of videos that include book reviews and game sessions, as well as  a number of tutorials and other useful things GURPS related.
Theme Stuff is a short collection of music that might be good to play as mood music.


War of America is a collection of videos, good and bad that I think are important social issues going on.
Trump is a list for things that tick me off about the current administration and I use these in tweeting to my legislative reps or activist posts.
Health Care is about various news or educational items related to Health Care.
Climate and Environment is about Climate change and things we need to pay attention to if we want to continue have quality air and water.

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