Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Health Care talk

So confused about Universal Health Care, Medicare for all, or a Public Option?
This is a good explanation.
Here is another

A Public Option is a reasonable compromise as Insurance companies will still exist but they will be forced to be competitive or get out of the market.
However Universal Health Care is more where I think we need to go.  Lot of options on how to pay for it.  I think basically payroll taxes like we currently use for Medicare and our employer based insurance.
But the republicans will have to cave and allow it to negotiate prescription drug prices which they dont like and is the requirement they placed on Medicare and Medicaid.

The Free market bit tht republicans want will simply never work.  Health Insurance is something everyone needs but needs mot when they do not expect it.  And if you do not have enough the tax payers and hospitals eat the cost.  So it shuts down rural hospitals and medical care and bankrupts millions of Americans and small companies.

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