Saturday, July 15, 2017

Remember the good old days in American politics?

When I was growing up people voted to swap parties in power to change direction and correct for the last party overstepping.
Democrats were pro labor and the common man.
Republicans were for the wealthy and business.

One party would hurt the opposite side of the country in order to help their side.  We HAD to switch back and forth as a form of balance to gt one side from getting too much of the pie and hurting the country overall.

We vote for the opposing party to the one in power out of disgust with the one in charge and what they have been doing.
Corruption is no longer an isolated incident that is unusual. Now its the daily grind.
This is not something that happened overnight, or even with Citizens United, though it accelerated with that passage.

We must remove the majority of our politicians and do so in such a dramatic and powerful fashion that the message that voters will not longer tolerate it is made loud and clear.
Too many people do not even bother to vote out of sheer disgust and the feeling that it simply does not matter who wins.  We will just get more of the same, voting is not choosing who is better but who is less evil.
Can we do that? Can enough Americans stand up and say "We are tired of your lies, corruption and stealing from the country!"

Thje next election is in 2018 and I hope we see record turnouts at the voting booth.
But for now we must all call our elected officials and express our feelings, we must attend the town halls of those few still having them.
We will only get change if we push for it, and push hard.

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