Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Uncivil Party, GOP are becoming more the party of Fascism and Authoritarianism and leaving Democracy and Patriotism behind.

Wow, listening to TYT today and this article about the Pentagon spending more for Forest Camo uniforms than desert camo so someone could benefit financially really hacks me off.
We all know there is lots of government waste but it is extra enraging when that waste actually hurts the country and in this kills kills more soldiers.

Senator Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) said he would be happy to take his fellow Republican Senators outside and shoot them.
We had a GOP rep body slam a reporter in Kansas during the last special election.
We here in OK had a GOP house rep tell his constituents to just shut up because they don't pay his salary.
We have had a couple of cases where the GOP had reporters arrested in the past 6 months.
Finally we have the vast majority of Republicans refusing to hold Town Halls.

The GOP can no longer be considered the patriotic party, instead they are the authoritarian and fascists party.

Lets see what they do over the next week with Health Care.
Meanwhile democrats are raising more money and candidates than ever before at this stage of an election cycle.

Adding Rep of Buddy Carter Georgia thinks someone should go over to the Senate an "Snatch a Knot in their ass"  Not sure what that means but it does not sound civil.

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