Thursday, August 29, 2019

Commonwealth Martial Style - Dashing Fox

While most soldiers learn efficient and practical methods of combat there are people who perhaps have more ego than sense. Aristocrats and young dilettantes often favor flash and daring over more cautious approaches - relying on their social status to keep risks low.
Dashing Fox is a popular swashbuckling style that is popular because its flashy but has underlying practicality, at least in certain circumstances. There is at least one school in every city, often more than one and friendly rivalries are the norm. Members are expected to promote their school and bring positive recognition to it.  Duels are a common way to show off skills, though duels to the death are frowned upon. Helping other schools is considered polite, especially against rifraf- though good natured ribbing will fallow.


4 points

This is a flamboyant swashbuckling style that is known for its apparent recklessness and the overconfidence of its members. However it is backed by solid capability and cunning and tricks foes into underestimating the fox. Stylists try to keep foes at a distance to work with the rapiers reach and effective use of the cloak. Judo is used when opponents get to close and as a backup skill.

Skills: Cloak; Judo; Rapier
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand; Armed Grapple (Cloak); Balancing; Bind Weapon (Rapier); Choke Hold (Judo); Evade (Judo); Feint (Cloak); Feint (Rapier); Judo Throw; Leg Throw; Spinning Strike (Rapier); Triangle Choke.
Cinematic Skills: 
Cinematic Techniques: Flying Lunge (Rapier); Grand Disarm (Rapier); Initial Carving (Rapier); Rapier Wit; 
Optional Skills: Acrobatics; Jumping; Running
Optional Techniques: 
Perks: Armor Familiarity; Combat Haberdashery; Sheer Speed (DF11); Weapon Bond
Optional Traits: Daredevil; Enhanced Block or Parry  up to 3; Overconfidence; Weapon Master (Cloak & Rapier)


9 points.
Acknowledged experts are proficient with the basics but also have a signature or trademark move. Skills: Cloak (A) DX [2]; Judo (H) DX [4]; Rapier (A) DX [2].
Additional Skills: Blind Fighting; Flying Leap; Kiai; Main-Gauche; Power Blow.
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Extra Attack 2. 


21+ points
To be acknowledged master rank the stylist must demonstrate extreme proficiency, preform one or more signature moves well and learn a school power-up.
Skills: Cloak (A) DX+1 [4]; Judo (H) DX+1 [8]; Rapier (A) DX+2 [8].


Action 3 Furious Fists: Acrobatic Stand; Balancing; Disarming; Dive n' Roll; Dual-Weapon Attack (Cloak/Rapier); Evade; Feint; Rappelling; Retain Weapon; Roll With Blow; Rope Up; Running Climb; Sliding; Spinning; Toe Flip.
Dungeon Fantasy 11 Power-Ups: Backstabber [10 points +5/level]; Botte Segrete [20]; Chandelier Leap [10]; Coup de Jarnac [15].
Monster Hunters Power-Ups 1: Dual-Weapon Fighting (Cloak/Rapier) [6 points skill]; Dual-Weapon Mastery (Cloak/Rapier) [20*]; Duck and Cover [20/level]; Greater Weapon Bond [5/level]; Quicksilver Strike [12]; Weapon Specialist [10/level].

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