Thursday, August 15, 2019

Review of GURPS Monster Hunters: Power Ups 1

GURPS Monster Hunters Power-Ups 1 is Christopher Rice's first solo book, though he has worked with other authors, wrote numerous articles for Pyramid and is working on some adventures for The Fantasy Trip. See the list on W23
At $6 its 23 pages of crunchiness for the GURPS Monster Hunters series..
Power-ups are essentially traits that can be added to a character as they gain experience and make them more capable  These power-ups are useful for most characters but focused on the Commando, Sage, Sleuth, Techie, and Warrior templates.
Organization is different than typical where all the traits are in one chapter. That wouldnt work for this book though and its closer to what can be found in the Dungeon Fantasy line.

Chapter 1 Acquiring Power-Ups (2 pages)

Basic high level concepts on what power-ups are and how to build or get them.

Chapter 2 The Power-Ups (15 pages)

The bulk of the work is here and a lot of traits are included. Some of these are from other books or articles which may disappoint the reader with a complete library. However on the flip side its nice to have material consolidated from multiple sources. If you have the books it can save you time, but if your focused on certain lines (like say Monster Hunters) its really nice not to have to buy all those other books and magazine issues.
And there are some definite new builds here, which can be a great help to GM and player alike.

Appendix: Techie Inventions (3 pages)

This is primarily for gadgeteers and has some nice rules, tables and examples for the tech to build nifty stuff.


This is a hard book to read in one sitting, its more useful as a reference book. I felt it was good value for the money and is something players in a Monster Hunters game should pick up as well as GMs.

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