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Dwarven Federation Martial Styles - Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning

An elite style that combines expertise with the sling and Sigil magic to create deadly rains of stones. They guard battlements, patrol, and merchant escorts, but their primary role is to support the Granite Guard. Slings are typically normal, though dart slings (GURPS Low Tech, p. 76) are often used for hunting and staff slings are unusual and mostly used above ground (if at all). Sigil magic is also used to enhance the kusari which is their main backup weapon. Some soldiers will modify a kusari for use as a sling by adding a central pouch, this lets them quickly switch weapon modes in combat.
Note: Sigil Magic is a combination of traits in this setting. It includes the basic knowledge of sigils every dwarf is raised on (Increased TL), the Imbuement advantage, and Symbol Magic.


Students are expected to be able to competently fight in both ranged and melee combat so this is a mixed style.
4 points
Skills: Judo; Kusari; Sling.
Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Armed Grapple; Arm Lock; Back Strike; Choke Hold; Disarming; Entangle; Evade; Feint; Retain Weapon; Return Strike; Sweep; Triangle Choke; Trip.
Cinematic Skills: 
Cinematic Techniques:  Binding; Dual-Weapon Attack (Kusari); Grand Disarm (Kusari); Whirlwind Attack (Kusari)
Optional Skills: Bolas; Running.
Optional Techniques: Throw Kusari (H; Bola -4).
Perks: Eye For Distance; Reach Mastery; Weapon Bond


Once the student learns to effectively use Sigil magic they are considered adepts. The first Imbuement skill learned is Forceful Blow which is used to break up enemy formations, slow down ravening hordes, or just help knock foes down.
34 points
Skills: Forceful Blow (VH) DX [8]; Judo (H) DX [4]; Kusari (H) DX [4]; Sling (H) DX+1 [8].
Additional Traits: Imbuement (Magic) 1 [9].
Perks: Special Exercises (Rapid Recovery)*
Optional Traits: Energy Reserve (Athletic) [3/level]; Energy Reserve (Magic) [3/level]; Imbuement 2 or 3 [18, 36]; Magery; Weapon Master (Kusari) [20].
*Allows "Rapid Recovery" extra effort option from GURPS Martial Arts.


As the practitioner becomes Master rank they are proficient in all levels of Sigil magic and effectively a mage,though a starting one. While dwarves can and do learn magic in other ways, this is by far the most common method.
65 points
Skills: Forceful Blow (VH) DX [8]; Judo (H) DX [4]; Kusari (H) DX [4]; Lexicon (Dwarven) (VH) IQ [8]; Sling (H) DX+1 [8]; Symbol Drawing (Calligraphy) (VH) IQ [8].
Additional Traits: Imbuement (Magic) 1 [9]; Magery [15].

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