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Commonwealth Martial Style - The Watch

The Watch

This is a standardized style taught to the town watch. It focuses on effective and quick combat, typically against lightly armored foes. Skills ranks are recognized as Watchman, Watch Sergeant, and Watch Captain, though these are not the actual ranks in authority.
The watch works under the mayor,not the ruling noble and is primarily concerned with keeping the peace and maintaining order within the town. They are not responsible for town defense or its outskirts, though they can be pressed to help as needed.
Cinematic skills and abilities are rarely learned as part of the Watch. Those few who possess such unusual abilities tend to be retired adventurers or soldiers.


Students are expected to learn the basics, but Evade and Feint are commonly practiced as well.
5 points
Skills: Broadsword; Running; Shortsword; Tonfa.
Cinematic Skills: 
Cinematic Techniques: 
Optional Skills: Carousing; Intimidation; Observation; Savoir-Faire (The Watch/Police).
Optional Techniques: 
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Duty

Watch Sergeant

At this rank the stylist is typically in charge of a larger patrol or coordinating the patrols in a section of the city. While weapon skills are expected to be improved a lot of training time is spent on other skills.
20 points
Skills: Area Knowledge (E) IQ [1]; Broadsword (A) DX+1 [4]; Intimidation (A) Will [2]; Law (Criminal) (H) IQ [4]; Observation (A) Per [2]; Running (A) HT [2]; Savoir-Faire (The Watch/Police) (E) IQ [1]; Tonfa (A) DX+1 [4].
Additional Skills: Leadership.
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Duty; Police Rank 1 or 2 [2/level].

Watch Captain

Typically in charge of a shift in a town or district of a city. At this point the watchman has likely served in the same city at least a year and demonstrated dedication towards protecting the city. This level is actually awarded by or with the approval of the City Spirit. The Watch Captain is granted the ability to sense and talk to nearby spirits, which is very helpful in dealing with many problems and early warning of problems.
46 points
Skills: Area Knowledge (E) IQ+1 [2]; Broadsword (A) DX+2 [8]; Intimidation (A) Will+1 [4]; Law (Criminal) (H) IQ [4]; Leadership (A) IQ [2]; Observation (A) Per+2 [8]; Running (A) HT [2]; Savoir-Faire (The Watch/Police) (E) IQ [1]; Tonfa (A) DX+1 [4].
Additional Traits: Medium [10].
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Duty; Police Rank 2 to 4 [2/level]; Spirit Empathy; Totem (City Spirit).

Rank and Hierarchy

The Town Watch has Police Rank [2/level] but no Legal Immunity. Rank is not based on experience, quality of service, and often how well they get along with others, especially their superiors.
Villages will typically have a watch of 5 to 10 members, leader with Police Rank 1.
Towns and cities will have a watch of 1 per 100 to 1000 citizens.

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