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Commonwealth Martial Styles -Board and Blade

The Commonwealth is a very large nation composed of several city states and smaller groupings that occasionally fight among each other. However, things are pretty stable and most conflicts are with bandits and raiding monsters. The borders do need defending but rather than invading armies they are defended from small (though often powerful) groups.
Board and Blade is thus the most prolific style and concentrates on small unit fighting with high mobility often being required. Practitioners wear little armor, leather or chain and rely on shields and agility for defense and attacks that rely on speed and precision over power. It is taught by both the military and mercenary groups.


3 points

This is a practical style that focuses on Shield for defense and a Rapier or Sabre for offense. Its a common style for soldiers. The chosen shield is often a buckler, especially for those in cavalry units, though infantry often opts for a larger shield. Warriors are taught to fight as individuals or small units rather than tight formations so there is little effort spent on those techniques.

Skills: Rapier or Sabre; Shield.
Optional Skills: Hiking; Riding (Horse); Running.
Optional Techniques: 
Perks: Armor Familiarity; Brave; Naval Training; Ramming Speed; Shoves and Tackles (shield);  Weapon Bond
Advantages: Enhanced Block; Enhanced Parry.


5 points
Typical sergeants and officers will be at this level

Skills: Rapier or Sabre (A) DX [2]; Shield (E) DX+1 [2]
Optional Additional Traits: Basic Move, up to +2; Extra Attack, up to 2; Lifting ST, up to +2; Peripheral Vision.
Power-Ups: Shield Familiarity (Pyramid #3/118) [1]; Shield Mastery (DF11 or Pyramid #3/118) [15].


31 points
In order to teach military units you must be certified as Master rank. Masters therefore are experts with the fundamentals more than being known for flashy moves and exotic techniques.

Skills: Rapier or Sabre (A) DX +4 [16]; Shield (E) DX+4 [12]; Teaching (A) IQ [2].
Optional Additional Traits: Extra Attack, up to 2; 
Power-Ups: Shield Mastery (DF11) [15]; 

Heroic Ability

Some have special training from a legendary teacher or just a special knack.
Traits: Weapon Master (Shields; Pyramid #3/118) [25] and/or Weapon Master (Fencing or single weapon).

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