Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dwarven Federation Martial Style - Stones Breath

Stones Breath

Created and almost exclusively possessed by stonekeepers Stones Breath is a very cinematic and Chi based style.  It relies heavily on Ki powers (what others may call Chi) to account for stonekeepers low strength and innate abilities. It is compatible with the Elemental Martial Arts, but few bother to learn both.


Beginning students focus on basic moves, exercise (mostly Running), and Meditation. They are not typically very effective fighters due to thee low strength.
4 points
Skills: Karate, Meditation, Running
Techniques: Feint (Karate).
Optional Traits: Energy Reserve (Ki); Kiai


An Adept has learned to effectively harness their ki. Thy have Ki Investment at level 1 and of course work up from there. Some abilities require an attribute roll to succeed, this can be replaced by Kiai for HT rolls and Meditation for IQ or Will rolls if desired.
27 points
Skills: Kiai (H) HT-2 [1]; Karate (H) DX [4], Meditation (H) Will [4], Running (A) HT [2].
Required Traits: Ki Investment (Chi Sorcery, Pyramid #3/105) 15 points for level 1, +7/level. 
Ki Talent Abilities

  • Level 1: (15) Breaking Blow; Chi Sensing; Concealment; Invisibility Art; Light Walk; Lizard Climb; Mental Strength; Zen Archery.
  • Level 2 (22) Anatomic Control; Immovable Stance; Kiai; Phoenix Heart; Power Blow; Precognitive Parry; Push; Sensitivity.
  • Level 3 (29) Iron Skin; Breath of Life; Hypnotic Hands.
  • Level 4 (36) Flying Leap; Pressure Secrets.
  • Level 5 (43) Blind Fighting; Dim Mak; Throwing Art.
  • Level 6 (50)
  • Level 7 (57) Pressure Points.
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Extra Attack 2; Perfect Balance.


The Master has reached the pinnacle of Ki Investment and further refined their skills.
72 points
Skills: Kiai (H) HT [4]; Karate (H) DX [4], Meditation (H) Will [4], Running (A) HT [2].
Required Traits: Ki Investment 7 [57].
Optional Traits: 

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