Friday, August 16, 2019

Review: Citadel of Nordvorn

I have had the PDF for awhile but my softcover arrived today so I wanted to give my impressions.
My prior review is here
This softcover book is really pretty. I am extremely unlikely to buy a book based on art and its value to me is the content, I consider art to be a luxury and nice extra but not core to the value, however a lot of other people place a higher priority on art.  This is the prettiest GURPS book in a very long time. Gaming Ballistic is doing a great job at publishing high quality material.
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Authors Website and Store - Gaming Ballistic


For a more detailed review check my prior post based on the PDF.
This book is a welcome addition to my library, its a good setting book that describes part of a world based on viking lore. It has a great feel to it, the author knows the material and put a lot of effort into making it come alive to the reader and giving it heft.  Even the accent marks add to the flavor, though I personally find them cumbersome - they really mess with my dyslexia.
The art is on topic, colorful and has a good feeling to it that I approve of. This will look great on a store shelf which is my main reason for supporting the print level.
The book is based around a few towns and includes some interesting geography and descriptions as well as history and background detail. It has wilderness adventure seeds and a bestiary but is primarily a political and social adventure rather than a dungeon based one.


This book was well worth what I paid for it.
I dont know when it will be available for purchase on either Steve Jackson Games W23 store or his own store at Gaming Ballistic but expect it to be pretty soon now that the books are arriving. Print copies may be limited though so get them quickly!

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