Sunday, August 11, 2019

Chalice World Setting: The Dwarven Federation

This is a cosmopolitan nation of several races. The main race is the dwarves, but there are several member races. The Dwarven Federation includes all of the Barrier Mountains and they have steam powered trains connecting thier settlements as well as to major trade centers in other lands, They also maintain a rail network in the Commonwealth that humans use for trade and the Federation in return charges a tax that is paid primarily in agricultural products.
The Federation mainly exports high quality craft items, primarily metal and jewelry work. The primary role of the Federation however is to protect the world from things coming over or through the Barrier Mountains. These are mostly chaos spirits called Jotun, though Elder Things and such also try to break through.


Pretty much your typical fantasy dwarves, though built a little different than other GURPS examples. They are well adapted for underground life with Night Vision 5 and Filter Lungs (also handy for working around fires) and their advanced craftsmanship is represented by being an overall tech level higher than other races in the setting.
They live and work in extended families or clans and work towards enriching and strengthening the clan. They also engage in ancestor worship.


This is a race of sentient crystals and are essentially a servant or pet race. They are a highly intelligent and communicate using light. Because most people cant understand them and they are unable to move under their own power they are limited in normal interaction, hence their being treated as valued pets. This is fine with the glowers who prefer to sit around and gossip most of the time. However they do have valuable roles in society, primarily as communication but also in handling information.
Another race often mistaken for an animal they appear as small bears, though they have five claws on each limb, can stand semi-upright, and are extremely good with their fore claws. They have an extraordinary sense of smell and often engage in rescue duty during cave ins. Younger ones tend to be scouts and go on patrols, adults tend to become merchants and jewelers.
One of the more exotic races in the setting, stone keepers have a third eye in their forehead. This eye possesses extraordinary visual capabilities, being able to see through objects, in complete darkness, and with amazing detail. They also have tentacles instead of hands and forearms and are able to manipulate even extremely tiny things. These abilities make them great surgeons and jewelers.

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