Friday, August 30, 2019

Commonwealth Martial Style - Three Swords School

This is a practical hard hitting style that focuses on sword mastery. Its unusual in focusing on multiple sword skills, but stylists are well able to fight at different reaches and circumstances. Practitioners are also taught endurance and toughness in body and mind.
Students are also taught how to maintain and repair their weapons.


This style gets its name because stylists are taught to use three different blades of varying length. This allows close in fighting, enhanced parrying, and balanced damage against either armored or unarmored opponents.

  • Blade 1: Is a knife with a basket hilt and tines to help catch and bind a foes weapon. Its primarily used with Main-Gauche skill in the off hand but Jitte/Sai to attack, sometimes dual wielded. Sw-3 cut; Reach C,1 or thr+1 imp; Reach C; Parry 0; 1025 lb.; $75.
  • Blade 2 is a Smallsword - Thr+1 imp; Reach 1; Parry 0F; 1.2 lbs; $400. Used with Smallsword (fencing) skill.
  • Blade 3 is a Thrusting Greatsword - sw+3 cut Reach 1,2 or thr+3 imp Reach 2; Parry 0; 7 lbs; $700. Used with Two-Handed Sword skill.
5 points.
Skills: Jitte/Sai; Main-Gauche; Smallsword; Two-Handed Sword.
Techniques: Bind Weapon (Main-Gauche); Bind Weapon (Smallsword); Feint (Jitte/Sai); Feint (Smallsword).
Cinematic Skills: Body Control.
Cinematic Techniques: Mental Strength
Optional Skills: Armory (Melee Weapons). Fast Draw (any)
Perks: Weapon Bond
Optional Traits: Enhanced Parry 3; Hard to Kill; Hard to Subdue; High Pain Threshold; Recovery.


The rank of Adept comes with demonstrated proficiency in each of the styles weapons.
12 points
Skills: Armory (Melee Weapons) (A) IQ [2]; Fast Draw (Knife) (E) DX [1]; Jitte/Sai (A) DX [2]; Main-Gauche (A) DX [2]; Smallsword (A) DX [2]; Two-Handed Sword (A) DX [2].
Additional Skills: Thrown Weapon (Knife).
Perks: Armor Familiarity; Sheer Speed (DF11).
Optional Traits: Claim to Hospitality; Extra Attack 2; Weapon Master (Three Swords School) [30].


For Master rank the stylist has to demonstrate a high level of skill with all the schools weapons and forge at least one of their weapons. Masters learn special secrets resulting from the close kinship they have with their blades.
25 points
Skills: Armory (Melee Weapons) (A) IQ+1 [4]; Fast Draw (Knife) (E) DX+1 [2]; Fast Draw (smallsword) (E) DX+1 [2]; Jitte/Sai (A) DX+1 [4]; Main-Gauche (A) DX+1 [4]; Smallsword (A) DX+1 [4]; Two-Handed Sword (A) DX+1 [4].
Additional Skills: 
Perks: Armor Familiarity; Sheer Speed (DF11).
Optional Traits: Enhanced Dodge 3.


Action 3 Furious Fists: Disarming; Feint; Retain Weapon; Roll With Blow.
Dungeon Fantasy 11 Power-Ups:  Heroic Reserves [3/level]
Monster Hunters Power-Ups 1: Blurred Attack [9/level]; Greater Weapon Bond [5/level]; One With Your Weapon [19/level]; Tough Guy [10/level]; Weapon Specialist [10/level]. Perks: Blade Fencer, Equilibrist, Esoteric Material Bond.

This style was inspired by the Dark Border series, author Paul Edwin Zimmer.  A great dark fantasy trilogy and another book I cant recall the name of where the female protagonist learned three different blades.

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