Saturday, May 6, 2017

Broken Promises

So the House passed a Health Care act, now it heads to the Senate where it will likely get changed and passed into committee.
That is not news at this point.
However what some people may have forgotten is what promises were broken and lies told to the American people.
Republicans promised transparency and that we would see all bills up for 3 days before the vote.  Did not happen, in fact most Congressmen stated they had not read it.  Now some said they were relying on staffers but I have to ask why on such an important bill they cant take the time to read it for themselves?  Bills should not be so complicated and full of legalese a congressman (many of whom used to be lawyers) cant read and understand it.
Voting without a CBO score, the CBO score while not perfect is at least an attempt to figure out the cost of a bill.  So why vote before you even know the cost and effects?
Have we not heard time adn time again cries that this would not happen? The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan kept saying over and over again these and more promises, yet they were all lies.

So why were we lied to?
Because the House was afraid to look like they could not accomplish anything.  That is right.  All the showboating, the victory celebration at the Rose Garden and declarations of victory were all just so they could say they did something.  the House GOP was willing to deprive millions of Americans without Health Care, raise the premiums for millions more, gut Medicaid, cut taxes for the Rich, all so they could rush something through just to look like they could actually get together and vote for something instead of looking helpless.
This bill wont pass the Senate and will get changed so its too early to know its effects (plus they still have not showed us the public and voters what is in it).  However what we do know is that the GOP House has shown that they care more about the image of governing than the actual work of governing by passing the buck to the Senate.

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