Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Betrayal of our Government

With the latest scandal coming out on Tuesday I have never felt more betrayed by my government.
To put this in context I served in the military and was almost killed not in combat, but by the laziness and negligence of our medical staff.  I have suffered for over 35 years, almost lost my leg, facing onerous medical bills (Turns out military service is a preexisting condition so not covered by insurance) and requiring ongoing treatment because of that negligence.
I have over the years dealt with thoughts of suicide and murder on an almost daily basis, going from hopeless depression with no good end in sight to blind fury that it happened with such casual indifference.

And yet I have NEVER felt so betrayed by my country as I do right now.
Our corrupt politicians are cheering while America burns and sinks into the swamp.

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