Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to keep your Politician accountable

It is important to remember your politicians are supposed to represent you the voter. It can be hard to tell when a politician is voting if they are voting for you or some lobbyist who paid for their election campaign or gave them other financial incentives.

This is vital to empower the voter and some of these sites are really easy and quick to read. IF Americans get in the habit of checking on their politicians they will find things get better.  This works for you Left or Right, just check up on your politician after a vote your interested in and odds are whomever gave them money will have had an influence on it.

Here are ways to help and empower you the voter.

  • Political Party Time A calendar of upcoming campaign fundraisers.  Nice site for tracking who is buying your politician.
  • Campaign Money You can check by zip code to see who is funding your politicians.
  • Follow The Money this is an example of my Senator Jim Lankford.  Use this site to see who donates to your person.
  • Maplight Another site to check on funding.
  • Open Secrets Donation tracking combined with news.

Finding your Representative or Senator

How did they Vote?

Below are some very easy to use sites that let you track important information about your legislatures

  • Vote Smart A decent way to see various positions, especially as seen by various third party agencies. Also good at seeing policy statements by politician.

    • Ballot Pedia Provides more of an overview rather than specific details. However there is a lot of data here.
    • Congress.gov

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