Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What does your Representative stand for?

Listening to an interview with Senator Warren it is clear waht is really important to her.  If you had to say what your representative (at any level) values the most would you be able to say? Would you like that answer?
This is a key thing we should be asking more.
The ones I can think of are...

President Trump

  • Being Popular
  • Getting wealthier

Senator Bernie Sanders

  • Health Care for everyone
  • Tuition free College
  • Good jobs, including a higher minimum wage and one that keeps up with inflation.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Consumer Protection
  • Health Care

Senator James Lankford (My Senator)

  • Curtailing Government Waste
  • Fiscal responsibility in government spending
Contact your representative and ask them for their personal top three issues.  See if you get an honesty answer and one that is supported by their voting records.
Do not let them just give you talking points or a spin but an honest heartfelt answer on the top 3 things they want to address.
If they can not or will not give you a simple list they likely don't really have that much desire.

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