Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Something positive in politics today

So last night I watched a Live Stream event from a fairly new group called Brand New Congress.
The Event was recorded and here it is
Formed last April from a few ex Bernie staffers who felt the establishment Democrats were too satisfied with the status quo and unwilling to really work for America.
People all across America are not happy with either major party and lots of ideas have sprung up.
Some want a new party but we have plenty of parties and the current system is heavily weighted for a Two party system.
Justice Democrats wants to replace the establishment democrats with ones who wont take corporate money or big donations  and thus owe nothing to them.  I applaud that idea!
Ro Khanna is a sitting congressman who has already signed on with them.

However Brand New Congress has taken the idea a vital step further...
This is really cool so pay heed because some people in power already are and there a bit nervous.
They call themselves a post-partisan party and are looking for fresh candidates to elect regardless of Democrat or Republican.  They have 6 House and 1 Senate candidates announced with more coming.

For me this is the best hope we have towards getting corruption and money out of our federal government so I hope you keep an eye on them, support the ones you like and most especially vote for one in your district!

But How Can They Be For Both Parties?

Now some of you may be wondering how can a PAC support both Democrats and Republicans?
Well the truth is if you look at the party platforms they are not all that different and ideas most Americans stand behind.
Republican Party Platform They used to directly include individual rights in there and have since removed it from being directly mentioned.  A sad change in focus.
DemocraticPlatform This one is more focused on the working family and individual rights.

Really the difference between them is not so much the goal but how to go about it.
I was originally a Republican myself but got tired of being lied to.
Then I tried Democrats and again got tired of being lied to so now consider myself an independent and have voted that way the past few decades.
The trouble is that NIETHER party is honest with us and have been taken over by people who are focused on getting reelected and getting rich rather than serving the People.
Some even put forth the idea in passing Citizens United that corporations were people and money was the power to vote.
That is the real danger and threat to our Democracy/Republic.  Until we get money out of politics it will stay the same and America will not improve, instead it will keep sliding backwards.

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