Saturday, May 13, 2017

An open letter to my Congress (Oklahoma)

Dear Senator James Lankford, Senator Jim Inhoffe, and Rep Frank Lucas,

The Republican party used to represent themselves as the party of patriots and pro law enforcement.
There was even some evidence to support this.  Sadly things have changed and the party is now more concerned with itself than American values or even the country itself.

If Hillary Clinton had won you would not accept any of this mess that President Trump has created. However Republicans continue to throw themselves on the sword trying to provide cover for President Trump.
The latest two scandals (its sad that I have to put a date on that but as of May 13, who knows what will happen in a few days) involve of course Russia. I served during the cold war under President Reagan and remember well the history of the Soviet Union and modern Russia is not much different.
First up: The President of the United States barred the US Press from a meeting in the Oval Office and allowed the Russian press in instead for his meeting with the Russian ambassador.
OK I am sure the Secret Service did a good job sweeping for bugs afterwards, and hopefully someone made sure no classified documents were in sight for the cameras.  But choosing Russian press over American press?  Really your ok with that?  Because I have not see any objection from any of you.
Next up: As of Friday all I have heard in watching the press and talking to your staff so far is support or a wait and see lukewarm support. If this had been Hillary Clinton who fired Director Comey the party would be screaming for her head. Remember Loretta Lynch talking to Bill Clinton?
It should not be ok for one party to get vilified for something and the other to get a pass or wore approval for similar (in this case worse) actions. Even the manner in which it was done should have raised at least courtesy objections. No dedicated public servant should find out about being fired by TV or even a letter.  This should have been done if it was done at all in person.

        There may or not be collusion between the Trump election staff and Russia but it is something a party of supposed patriots should be very interested in finding out. Even those who are not for America anymore should want to at least clear the stain, unless of course they think its true.
President Trumps own words said he was thinking about the Russian probe in firing Director Comey and than he tries to intimidate him via twitter before his Congressional appearance. Firing him will probably not slow down the investigation a lot but it likely will some just from the chaos.  It may get worse if the resources Director Comey asked for just before being fired are denied.  Also things depend on the new FBI Director and the direction he takes things and resources he allots or pulls away.

Understand that the President himself changed his story and denied the Rosenstein letter was the reason for the firing, That he directly asked the former Director if he was under investigation.
According to testimony from Acting Director McAbe former Director Comey enjoys broad support within the FBI so that "reason" is a lie. President Trump applauded the popularity and actions in late October of Director Comey, so it does not smell right to use those as reasons for the termination. The Russia thing is the only factor given by President Trump that has not been shown as a lie.
The loyalty pledge is another likely reason, though that is more of a do you believe President Trump or Director Comey on if that happened.  Ask that question point blank under oath when Comey testifies. If it comes down to whose word between the two to trust I know my choice will not be the one who lies to the public on an almost daily basis.
 The President should NOT require loyalty to him over loyalty to America and Republicans should not allow or encourage such appalling activity.

If you care about America at all you will work hard and openly to clean this mess up.
Since that seems to not be the case for most Republicans I appeal to your sense of self preservation.
Continuing to choose your party over America is a failing strategy, check how well Congress polls on average.  President Trump did not win because he was a Republican, he won because he presented himself as anti-establishment and enough people believed him. Continuing to provide cover when the President contradicts himself and the facts, allowing him to steal from taxpayers to line his pockets, support and empower Russia, abuse his power and influence.
You should constantly ask yourself "Would I stay quiet if President Obama did this?"  The answer should never be it is bad if a Democrat does it but ok if a Republican does it.

Before the election I predicted that if Trump won impeachment proceedings would start before the end of his first year.  I have not seen anything that changes my mind on that.  At some point the Republican party will have to stop providing cover and excuses and act.  If you are not ready yet I understand but consider that this will come back on you and the longer it goes on and the more you support him now the more it will cost you later.
Voters will remember the trips to Mara Lago and the WH advertising it on its website.
Voters will remember him doubling his membership fees for access to the president.  Remember the cry against the Clinton foundation? This is far more brazen.
Voters will remember the mistreatment of a dedicated law enforcement officer, some will feel it was about the Russia Probe, some will feel it was choosing the country over the president, and some will just be ticked at the manner and disrespect shown in how it was done.
Voters will remember a President who declares a war on American press but allows Russian Media access to the Oval office.
Voters will remember a President who bombs a runway as a show of force that was up and running the next day.
Voters will remember a President who tries to create a Royal family.
Voters will remember a President who gets gifts and payments from foreign countries (favorable loans, trademarks, business permits, favorable tax cuts, and rent).
Voters will remember the Russians interfering with our elections (I believe Hillary would have lost anyhow but that is not the point or my concern.) and the Republicans allowing it because they 'won'.

And finally, voters will remember a President who gets us in a war through his own incompetence or as an effort to distract from domestic issues.  IF that happens, and you can not really believe it wont, the Republican party will be fully culpable and responsible.

The Democratic party leadership is incompetent, and just as corrupt as the Republican party so may not pose much threat to you.  However continue down this path and even they will be able to pull a victory.  And America is waking up and getting more and more angry at both parties and if you do not start at least appearing to be for America over your party you will be out of office.
Maybe we can get an independent as President and certainly more in Congress.

PS: Action Plan
Consider that the republican party is in charge of two out of three branches of government.  I suggest you look to the future and  even though things are under your control now they wont be forever.
So put through real reform and protections for the next President.

  • Require future Presidents show their taxes so the press can watch out for violations of the emoluments clause and conflicts of interest.
  • Do a better job, establish and follow good and effective vetting procedures for Presidential appointments. Do not let us have another Flynn.  That should have been caught, after all he had been fired by the previous administration.
  • Work out the Nepotism issue
  • Empower the various ethics agencies.  Ok, I doubt either party would ever go for that.

Rory Fansler.
Yukon, Oklahoma
Veteran of the USAF and loyal American.

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  1. And for Petes sake stop using the two wrongs make a right argument. If the other guy did it too is even part of your reasoning or defense for an action you should seriously reconsider. Start leading, stop blaming!