Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Does Oklahoma Support the Comey firing?

Just got off the phone with my reps and Senator James Lankfords staff member Steve Carson said that the Senator fully supports Presidents Trumps decision,  I asked him his name so I could quote him and he reaffirmed that position. To be fair Senator Lankford did tweet a nice complimentary "You served the country well during a rough time" note last night.
Congressman Frank Lucas staff said he had no public position on the issue yet.
Senator James Inhofe staff said he would be making a statement later today and hand no statement at this time.

So one vote for full backing and others more cautious.
President Trump did have the legal authority to do this but his stated reasoning does not sound right.  The Clinton email investigation ended in Oct 2016 and the President has publicly thanked and complimented Comey on his handling of the issue.  To fire him now for that reason is highly suspicious.
Consider that he fired the following people after publicly supporting them.
Preet Bharara the US Attorney General for Southern New York who was investigating Fox News for among other things stock fraud after saying that he could keep his job a few months earlier.
Sally Yates the acting Attorney General for refusing to follow an order she felt was unlawful.  Note the the Courts blocked it so her legal expertise seems to have been correct. in that.
Coincidentally? She had warned the White House about Flynn shortly before that.
James Comey the FBI Director was fired over his handling of the email scandal even though President Trump publicly thanked and supported him for it months previously.  And fo course Comey was investigating his staff and associates for ties to Russia.

Almost every politician is corrupt and takes money for votes or otherwise abuse their powers of office instead of serving the public good.  Americans know and understand this and it is part of the reason we have so much voter apathy and low voter turnout.
However the republican party has gone too far and so blatantly that all Americans, regardless of ideology should be angered and in fear for our country.

Consider the White House was advertising Mar A Lago till protests forced them to take it down.
The membership fee was doubled from $100,000 a year to $200,000 a year after President Trump took office and he has provided members pay for access to him and foreign dignitaries.  Plus the advertising and rental to the government in his properties in New York and elsewhere, all at taxpayer expense. His son in law was set to make a billion dollar profit on a property in new York till the press made it known and the Chinese backed out. His son in laws sister hinted that if you invest $5000,000 in our real estate properties we will get you a Visa and path to US Citizenship.

President Trump refuses to reveal his taxes as he promised multiple times on the campaign which would let us see more of his financial ties to Russia and other governments.
The Chinese government suddenly approved trademarks to his daughter after the election.
He compliments the leader of Turkey for what is considered a corrupt election where of course he coincidentally happens to have a building.
The news is all over the place if you bother to look for it so I wont go on.
The thing is that he and his party are selling out Amercia.  Besides the money we have an assault on the EPA, him issuing gag orders, taking info down from the website and replacing scientist with business people, His assaults on the press whom he feels should work for him not you and me, etc.

We need a new congress, one that puts America ahead of personal gain and that consider serving in office like our military does as a service to the country not their own pocketbook.
I support the Brand New Congress and all patriots should as well.  Even if you are conservative and anti liberal they will run candidates among both parties as long as they dont take corporate donor money.  Once we have cleaned out the congress (and yes it will be hard but nothing good comes easy) than we can have an honest debate on other issues.  Corruption is an enemy to all of America and must be our priority.

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