Monday, May 15, 2017

Law Enforcement priotories

So Jeff Sessions came out the other day and spoke with forked tongue

  • On the one hand said he trusts prosecutors in the field and they did not need to be micromanaged and it should be up to the states rather than the Fed to decide on prosecution.
  • On the other hand he told his staff (which he still has not gotten around to fully staffing) and prosecutors that they should go after drug trafficking as hard as possible.
Can we please get an honest politician?

Now I personally am not for drugs, alcohol or tabbaco use and have avoided all of them. 
However while I think they are a waste of money and the idea of turning your brain off seems like a really bad one, however I dont feel I should push my choices on others.
We saw how bad Prohibition was and the war on drugs have just over crowded our jails and encouraged foreign trafficking and corruption in America.
However Jeff Sessions has been obsessed with marajana and cited that as the reason he disavowed the KKK.

Setting aside the whole legalization issue though I have to express my disgust that the Attorney General and the Republican party think drug users should do more jail time than murderers, rapists and whit collar criminals who steel billions.
Can anyone justify this to me?

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