Monday, May 29, 2017

Government Reform: Getting back to a Government By the People and For the People

Like most Americans I am disgusted with the current state of politics.
Most of the time we go to the polls its choosing what we think of as the lesser of two evils and politicians who give us sound bytes and spin rather than actual policy they will work on.
Basically most politicians are just used car salesman (My apologies to used car salesman)
Here is a funny video on that...
Unfortunately most politicians no longer work for America, they work towards keeping themselves in power and getting reelected and than becoming a lobbyist.  For them its all about the money and power and no longer the public service it was intended to be.
We all see this but how do we change that? How do we get politicians who work for us rather than big money donors?

A few months ago I found a group that just may have the answer and its rather novel.

Brand New Congress

The idea is as Rachel Meadow explains to run a kind of presidential campaign with a single message all across the country. Short clip of an interview from last year
Its basically a new kind of grass roots campaign. Instead of people supporting one person they are supporting a platform and if elected these Democrats and Republicans will essentially be their own caucus working across party lines.
The best part? The core part of the platform is to get money out of politics and they all refuse to take big donor and Super Pac money and go for small donor money.

Can they win going up against people with millions of dollars behind them and buying glitzy television ads?
I think they can, or at least win enough seats to make a real difference.  Getting money out of politicians appeals to most Americans and people are really sick and tired of the same old lies being sold to us year after year. Both our Presidential candidates last year were extremely unpopular and the vote was more about choosing the lesser of two evils and ultimately Trump won as did Obama on a anti-establishment platform.  Unfortunately they both were more establishment than anti-establishment and owed their big donors and party so we were stuck.

Brand New Congress wants to give us elected officials who earned our votes rather than bought them or won because more people voted against the other guy.
Sounds like its worth a try.  And they rely on modern methods of advertising, including social media and word of mouth so do not need as much money to win as those buying expensive television ads or hosting $300 a plate dinners.

Check Them Out

YouTube Channel One and Two (Looks like One is official but Two has more recent uploads)

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