Monday, May 29, 2017

Single Payer Solutions to Health Care

A lot of people have been talking about this for years and its getting more and more popular but some do not want it.  So study up on the idea and make your own choice not what someone is trying to sell you.

Actual Proposed Single Payer Plans

  • Sentaors Sanders Solution The average person will pay 6.2% payroll tax towards covering this.  The insurance industry will try to scare you by saying that is a lot of money but they wont show what that really means to your pocket book. Someone making $40,000 a year would pay $2480 at that rate. At my last job I paid $80 a check on a $35k salary.  So that cost me $1920/year so $250 less than I would have paid under his single payer program. And with his plan there would be no deductibles! 
  • Cenk on Bernies plan
  • Rep. Conyers, John Jr. plan HR 676
There are a number of state plans proposed as an interim solution until we have a federal plan.

Some Democrats who oppose this and how much they got last election from Insurance, Medical industries and BigPharma.

Claire McCaskill (D-MA 2018) over $853,000 in donations
Joe Manchin  (D-WV 2018) over $472,000 in donations
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 2018) over $390,000 in donations
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL 2018) over $142,000 in donations

Now I cannot know that their positions are influenced by all that money (and note this is just the last election) but it is my opinion that companies expect something in return for spending all that money.
So far there are approximately 80 House reps who wont sign onto Single Payer as measured by HR 676.  Now some may oppose this for good reasons but if they represent you I suggest you look them up on Open Secrets and take a look at their donors.
Until the Republicans take away Net Neutrality the internet and watchdog groups like that help us keep our politicians accountable but it is up to US to vote.

A News video on how some republicans will profit off repealing Obama Care

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